Having a Baby at Hospital CIMA

We’ve done a series of posts in the past about having a baby in Costa Rica. These covered prenatal care, delivering at a small private hospital in San Isidro de El General, and the paperwork after a baby is born. Last year, we welcomed our second son into the world. We did things a little differently this time around. Below we share our experience with our new doctor in San Jose. We also tell you about what it was like to have the baby at Hospital CIMA.

Having a Baby at CIMA Hospital in Costa Rica

Prenatal Care


The birth of our first son was magical, of course, but looking back, we feel that the experience could have been better. Because of this, we wanted a different experience for our second birth.

With the first birth, I had some complications (retained placenta) and was bedridden for a while after. There were a lot of extenuating circumstances, but fundamentally, based on what I know now about the condition I had, I feel that my doctor should have done more sooner. Also, the hospital in San Isidro de El General where we delivered was a bit small and understaffed to deal with the situation. This was several years ago and the hospital has changed a lot since then, so it may be different now. But at that time, we felt that the staffing was inadequate. We knew that this time we wanted reassurance that there would be a way to manage the placenta not delivering on its own, since we now know that this can be a very serious condition.

So for this birth, we reached out to a doctor in San Jose who we had heard great things about. Some of my friends here had delivered with him and just about everyone had wonderful things to say.

Since we live farther from San Jose, we wanted to avoid the monthly trips to the big city for routine checkups as much as possible. So we went to the same local doctor we saw for our first birth. Then a few months before my due date, we started seeing the doctor in San Jose who practices at CIMA.

Meeting the Doctor in San Jose

We had several checkups with the doctor at his office near Escazu where we were able to get more comfortable with him and feel out his birthing ideology. Like with the first birth, we wanted a natural delivery if possible. He was totally for this, but also gave information on pain management options like epidurals.

I connected with him almost right away because he was really laid back. He was also very intelligent, and I found it reassuring that he kept up with medical studies. He clearly brought this information into his practice too. We have found that some doctors in Costa Rica are sort of “old school” and maybe don’t stay on top of all the new developments in their field. Our doctor was the exact opposite and answered many of our questions by referencing current medical studies.

The most important thing was how he handled the retained placenta issue. He told me that this was a stage of labor that we would manage 100% just like any other and we would be proactive to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Check Ups

Like my first doctor, he spent the beginning of each visit talking about how things were going. Then he did the exam in a separate room adjacent to his office. The ultrasound equipment was state-of-the art. It could do 4D and even blood-flow imaging. We went home with a handful of adorable ultrasound photos for the fridge every time. We also got a 4-page printout with different measurements and data.

Ultrasound in Costa Rica

Getting Ready for Delivery


Since we lived around two hours from San Jose, we decided we should move closer to the city before the birth. We weren’t sure when exactly we would do this. We had thought a couple of weeks early, but since I was almost two weeks late the first time, we waited. I had no signs of labor so we ended up waiting to move until my exact due date. We rented an Airbnb in Santa Ana. My doctor told me that if I felt any signs of labor to let him know. Otherwise, we decided that we would induce one week after the due date.

A week passed, and of course, there was no baby yet. It was one of the longest weeks in memory, with the three of us stuck inside a small apartment. But we are still glad we did it, just in case I did go into labor quickly.


We talked with the doctor a lot over WhatsApp during that week we were in Santa Ana because I had some different symptoms happening and we wanted to make sure everything was okay. Finally, over text, we decided to induce on a Sunday. He wanted to use a gel insert, but it ended up not being available. Normally the CIMA pharmacy had them, but the management had recently changed, and it was no longer available. He couldn’t find it in any of the other pharmacies around San Jose, which really surprised us, but everything is not always available in Costa Rica.

We discussed alternatives. I asked about Pitocin because that was what I was familiar with. He explained that because I was not having any contractions and my body was not showing any signs of preparing for birth, that we needed to use something else first. If we went straight to Pitocin, the induction may not work and we’d have to do a C-section. So he proposed using cervical dilators. This was a totally new concept to us, but basically they are tiny rods that mechanically open the cervix by osmosis. It didn’t involve using any medication so didn’t have any real side effects, which we liked. We don’t think they are used too often for inducing labor and thought it was a really cool option.

He put in the cervical dilators in his office (pain free) and sent us home to our Airbnb. He said the dilators don’t usually produce contractions so expected that we’d go to CIMA the next morning to start the Pitocin.


About five hours after the dilators were put in, I started having minor contractions. They progressed, and by 1:00 a.m., were strong. Since I was in labor for days with our first son, we waited, probably a little too long, to call the doctor. We were using one of those apps and it still seemed like the contractions were not close enough. Well, when we finally got out of the Airbnb around 4:00 a.m., I could barely walk and was keeling over in excruciating pain. Matt drove as fast as possible. We dropped off our son with some close friends who were standing by at the Holiday Inn, right next to CIMA, to take care of him while we had the baby.

We finally got to CIMA and couldn’t find a way to get in! The main entrance we had always used was closed since it was so early, so we spent a few agonizing minutes finding the emergency entrance on the side. Figure this out in advance so that you’re ready in case this happens to you.

They admitted us right away since we had done our preadmission paperwork a while back (see below) and wheeled me to the maternity ward. The nurse checked, and sure enough, I was fully dilated. The nurse spoke perfect English and was very calm, which was just what we needed at the time. She and another nurse took some basic information from me for my chart and brought me right into the delivery room.

My doctor and the pediatrician we had picked to attend the birth arrived within ten minutes or so. We wanted to use the same pediatrician in San Jose who we use for Sam’s regular checkups. It was super reassuring to have him there as well and I felt like I had an excellent team.

Our son, Evan, entered the world in light speed, just as the sun was starting to rise over the mountains out the window. I wish we had taken a picture because I will never forget how beautiful the landscape looked at that moment. The pediatrician took the baby to make sure everything was all right, then placed him on my chest. It was a truly magical moment meeting that little baby for the first time.

Meanwhile, my doctor was managing the third stage of labor. For most people, this is no big deal, but as mentioned, this was difficult during the first birth. My doctor saw that the uterus was trying to contract around the placenta, so he just took charge and manually removed it. I honestly don’t remember any of it so it couldn’t have been too painful, especially after giving birth. I was ecstatic that it had turned out this way as I had been very worried about having a retained placenta again.

After the baby was cleaned up, we all went to our room together and they placed him in a crib beside my bed. He stayed with us the whole time, but there were nurses to help whenever needed. The birth experience was great, and I attribute a lot of it to the doctors we used.

Hospital CIMA

As for the hospital itself, overall, we had a great experience delivering at CIMA. CIMA is one of the largest private hospitals in Costa Rica. It’s well run, well staffed, and has modern equipment.

A great thing about it is that you can get just about any medical procedure done there since there are so many affiliated doctors. This can be essential if you have any complications. For my first birth, they told me I would have to go to the public hospital down the street if I wanted a blood transfusion, which seemed crazy. If I would have needed one this time, CIMA would have been able to handle it onsite.

CIMA Hospital San Jose
Hospital CIMA main entrance

Maternity Ward

CIMA has its own maternity ward. It’s small and from what we’ve heard, usually isn’t very busy. When Evan was born, there were actually a lot of other babies being born via C-section. Semana Santa (Easter Week) was the following week and apparently everyone wanted to have their baby before then!

CIMA’s maternity ward is spread out along one floor. It has separate delivery and surgery rooms. There is even a special section for premature babies with high-tech incubators and monitors. All recuperation rooms are private and have a couch that pulls out to a bed, cable TV, Wifi, and A/C. Here are some photos to give you an idea.

Delivery Room Hospital CIMA
Delivery room at Hospital CIMA
Private room in Maternity Ward Hospital CIMA
Private room at CIMA for after the delivery


The staff at CIMA was awesome in general. Most of them spoke English and were very pleasant and professional. The only problem we had was in the middle of the night when I was having problems urinating, it seemed like it took forever for the two nurses who were on duty to come do the catheter. It had been way too long (about 18 hours since I had last urinated) and they kept telling me to try, which obviously I was but it wasn’t working. You’re supposed to go after giving birth within six to eight hours max so they should have been much faster in helping me. These two nurses who were working the overnight shift didn’t speak English, so while we were able to communicate with them, it wasn’t perfect.

Otherwise, we have no complaints and the nursing team was pleasant and helpful.

Birth Packages and Pricing

CIMA has packages for natural births and C-sections. They are very transparent with pricing. They will give you literature on the packages when you do a tour, which we highly recommend. You also can request a quote from their website. We were communicating with some of their administrative staff by email about pricing in the days before the birth.

As of April 2019, the price for a C-section was $2,020 and a natural birth was $1,319 or $1,391 with an epidural. This is the hospital fee. The doctor’s fee is an additional, separate charge that you pay to them directly. We paid our doctor $1,500 for attending the birth, and the pediatrician was $500, which included the baby’s first visit on his fourth day of life.

What’s Included in CIMA’s Hospital Fee?

The hospital fee includes a lot. Here’s a breakdown:

• One night of hospitalization
• Basic medications for mom and baby
• Blood tests for baby
• Hearing test for baby
• Four sessions of fetal monitoring
• Newborn metabolic heel screening test
• Vaccines (Hepitatis B and tuberculosis)
• All meals – The food was really good actually, for hospital food. I never would have expected this in Costa Rica, but the salmon was awesome!
• Photo session for the baby
• Beauty session for mom – Yes, you are reading this right! A lady comes to do your hair and makeup to get you photo ready.
• Baby blanket and outfit for right after birth
• Nightgown for mom to wear after birth – It was actually quite comfortable
• Goody bag with diapers, wipes, and lots of baby products
• Free parking
• Free mini bottle of wine!

Other Things to Know – Preadmission

If you decide to give birth at CIMA, you should do preadmission. This is the paperwork you have to do before they will admit you to the hospital. If you have a fast birth, like we did, it’s absolutely essential to have done it ahead of time because it takes around an hour. You also have to make an advance payment then. They had us put down $1,000, which was taken off our balance at the end. This is a refundable deposit so if you end up not giving birth at CIMA for whatever reason, they will refund you. You can pay with a credit card or by bank transfer.

To start the preadmission process, your doctor will give you a piece of paper with information on the birth you are likely to have (natural vs. C-section). You take this to the Preadmission desk right in the main lobby of CIMA. Someone will take your personal information and have you sign a bunch of forms, then you’ll be in the CIMA system.


Looking back at our two births, they were very different and we definitely think the second time around went a lot better than the first. We knew more going into it, which helped, and had an amazing team of doctors. We thought CIMA was a great hospital and would highly recommend it to others.

Have a question about giving birth at Hospital CIMA? Ask us below.

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  1. Hi Jenn and Matt!

    Congrats on the birth of your second child.
    I am currently 7 months pregnant and considering giving birth at CIMA and would love to ask you some questions and for a doctor recommendation if you wouldn’t mind emailing me.

    I have a few other more specific questions I’d rather not post in an online forum.


    1. Hi Heather, Congratulations! We’d be happy to email you our doctor’s info and answer a question or two to help out. For more than that, we’d recommend our video chat service. Here’s the link with more info. We’ll send you our doctor’s name now.

      1. Hey Jenn and Matt! Thank you so much for this insightful article! Given that you gave birth in May of 2020, did you find that COVID protocols had an influence at all on the delivery process? I would love more info on your doctor, as I would love to have a natural birth and feel that the C section is something that is really pushed here. Thanks so much! Carly

          1. Hi Jenn and Matt,

            Thank you for sharing your story. My wife and I found it very insightful. We’re actually looking for a doctor now. Would you be open to sharing yours as it sounded like a great experience.

            Many thanks,

          2. Dear Jenn and Matt,

            it‘s really interesting reading that you experienced such nice things while giving birth.
            I am also considering giving birth in CIMA and I would ask you to email me the name of dour doctor as I am really looking forward to a natural birth.

            Thanks a lot in advance and kind regards.

      2. Hi Jenn,

        Thank you for the great articles. They are very helpful. Would you be able to share your doctors contact details? I am planning to come to San Jose in February to deliver. I have many questions and would be keen to also set up an appointment to chat.

      3. Hey Jen, in all your research did you find any information about water births in San Jose?


        1. Hi Ali, Some private doctors will do water births. The doctor we used (Adam Paer) will do them. I think he has a blow up tub. I don’t know of anywhere with a jacuzzi tub in San Jose but there are probably options. You could contact Mamasol Costa Rica. Good luck!

    2. Hi Jenn & Matt! My name is Jen an I’m highly considering a birth at CIMA. I’ll be a single mom and new to CR (only about 7.5 weeks right now) and looking to make the move from the US because I want to have my baby in CR. Can you please share your doctor with me?

      Thank you and congratulations!!

        1. Hi Jenn and Matt!
          Thank you for all the helpful information. I am planning on having a baby at hospital cima at the beginning of next year at I would highly appreciate more information on the doctor you used.

    3. Hi guys! Very informative post and a joy to read. I know this is from a few years ago, but was wondering if you could send me the name of the doctor who you delivered with at CIMA? I’m expecting in April 🙂 Thank you!

        1. Hi Jenn and Matt! This is all so helpful. We are planning to give birth in April. Would it be possible to get your doctor’s information? Also, how soon do you recommend meeting with your doctor at CIMA? Is a month in advance appropriate? Thank you! Jenna

          1. Hi Jenna, We would recommend meeting with the doctor at least a few months in advance so that you’re all comfortable. We’ll email you the information now.

  2. Hey guys!

    I have an OB here in CR currently, but he doesn’t seem too interested in delivering at CIMA. We are looking again. I would love your OB’s information, if at all possible, please? Thanks!

  3. Hi Jenn and Matt, Congratulations for your second child. I’m planning to have my third child at CIMA and I would like to know who was your wonderful OB and pediatrician. Thanks a lot and take care.

      1. Hi Jenn & Matt, thank you for sharing your stories. I just landed in Costa Rica the day I found out I am pregnant, living near Cuidad Colon and wondering about your doctors info?

  4. Hi Jenn and Matt.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Would you email me over your doctors name? I’m pregnant with my first and with COVID and everything I would like to go to the hospital as little as possible. I’m looking into a home birth as well, but be close to a hospital. Looking into all the options actually, midwife, doula, any recommendations or referrals would be awesome.

      1. Hey amazing momma I am pregnant and wanting a bit more info for birthing in Costa Rica was wondering if we could chat a bit.

  5. Hi Jenn and Matt,
    Thank you so much for all the information you’ve posted on two weeks. We are planning on delivering at Cima and would love your doctors, and any other professionals you’ve had good experiences with, contact information.
    If you have any doula or midwife recommendations or info that would be amazing as well!
    Thanks so much!!

      1. Hi Amy,
        I had a baby in San Jose in January 2020.
        We hired doulas three weeks before the birth because I thought that they would be helpful to do most of the labor at home and avoid getting to the hospital too early. That was exactly what happened- I delivered two hours after arriving at the hospital.
        The support of the doulas to my family and to me has been incredibly valuable and connected me with me with a community of mothers in my neighborhood. Ines and Rahel are charming, knowledgable and so capable. They are certified doulas and also lactation consultants. They were instrumental in ensuring the success of our breastfeeding journey.
        Since covid-19, the useful workshops about pre-birth and caring for babies that they used to organize in person have been moved online.
        I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.


        I also had an incredible obgyn for the delivery and have found a great pediatrician. Our obgyn still does homebirths and otherwise prefers delivering at Clinica Biblica.

  6. Congratulations on your new baby! This is a great article (as well as your 1st birth posts) and all of my questions are being answered. I’ll be giving birth to my first child in early 2021 and was wondering if you could share your doctor’s info from CIMA? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello Steph, I am two weeks before my EDD and planning to give birth at Clinica Biblica. Can you tell me the name of your obgyn? I had an appointment with a doctor in the Clinic and he charges $2700, which is a lot more than I have calculated. How much did you pay for your doctor? Kind regards, Melanie

  7. Hello Jen and Matt and congratulations! Our daughter in law is planning on having her first baby at CIMA in March. We live in Costa Rica and they live in the US. She will fly here at the end of the year to give birth and be here with us. I am wondering if you could possibly give me your OB and pediatrician’s name so we can begin to help her get everything set up at CIMA. Thank you so much for all of the useful information you have provided. It is invaluable. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Krystle, Thank you! And congratulations to your family as well. How cool that she will come to CR to deliver. I will send the name of my doctor and our pediatrician now.

  8. Hi there! Would also love the names of your doctors, if you wouldn’t mind sending them over 🙂 Thanks so much!

  9. Hello Jen, and Matt! Your story is very encouraging, thank you so much for sharing your journey…. I have been wanting to make this leap for quite some time, and it turns out that I am pregnant now- but there are some things that are concerning me- I am advanced age- i’m 42. This is normal in my family, with no complications. I’m due beginning of April. We are coming to CR end of October- and I’m going to make the decision as to if we are going to deliver there. I have a few questions if you have a few moment to spare. <3 I definitely would love to have your Dr.'s name for sure. Thanks so much!!!

  10. Hi Jenn,

    Would you please be so kind as to email me your OB and pediatricians info? I am 7 months pregnant and considering whether to give birth in CR or return to our home country (Canada) for the birth.
    Thanks so much!

  11. Hi there! I love your blog, it’s been so helpful to us. Would you mind sending me your amazing doctor’s info from CIMA please? Thanks!

  12. Hello my name is Monica I too am from Boston currently living in Orlando and planning a move to Costa Rica for March 2021 can you provide me the name of your doctors as well? Thank you

  13. Thank you for sharing your birth story. I’m currently at 5th month and thinking about delivering at CIMA. Will be very grateful for your doctor’s details. Thank you 🙏🏼

  14. Dear Jenn and Matt,

    Thank you for creating this insightful and greatly informative website and sharing your experiences. Most helpful. Also must applaud you on your efforts to continually post much sought after advice for expats or those like us who are considering coming to CR and starting our young little family there. Must also congratulate you on your beautiful family!

    My wife (currently 15 weeks pregnant) and I are Australian residents and are currently visiting family in the US. We are looking at coming to CR at the start of Jan for a month or two and also seriously considering staying for a while, setting up shop and welcoming the birth if our first son there.

    Would sincerely appreciate your recommendation for an the OB near CIMA and perhaps San Isidro.

    We are currently researching where to base ourselves on a month by month basis and exploring opportunities for our business in activations, eco-tourism, co-living, regional economic and community development.

    Thank you so much for your time and recommendations.

    Irene & I.

    1. Hi Anatoly, Congratulations! That is exciting that you and your wife are expecting. We will email you the name of the two doctors we used momentarily.

      Costa Rica is a wonderful place to start a family. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s our article on Moving to Costa Rica with Kids. It touches on most of the issues you’ll need to think about if you were to move.

      If you were to have the baby here, you would be able to apply for permanent residency through the birth and be able to work legally once approved. That process usually takes around 1-1.5 years but can be sped up if you use a lawyer or are vigilant about checking on your application at Migration.

      Hope that helps! If you do decide to come and want a car to get around, be sure to check out the rates we have right now for monthly rentals. They are promotional because of Covid and are really good.

  15. Dear Jenn & Matt,

    Thank you for bringing such helpful content around your experiences in living with Costa Rica! Your article around having a baby in Costa Rica has been incredibly helpful.

    My fiancé and I are expecting and in the process of finding pre-natal care in San Jose. Would you be able to share your doctor’s contact info?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  16. Hi there Jenn and Matt!

    It is lovely to read about such a positive birth experience and congratulations on your latest little bundle of joy! I’m due to have my first baby here in Costa Rica, due in mid-2021. It was very reassuring to read the endorsement you gave CIMA as it is the hospital I’m most familiar with as well as the one closest to where I live.

    Could I ask for the details of the doctor who delivered your second baby? Your blog describes very much the kind of obstetrician I’m looking for and it would be enormously helpful to meet with a doctor who comes with such a warm recommendation. Many thanks and Feliz Navidad!

  17. Hi! Would you please be so kind as to email me your OB info? I am going to give birth in CIMA
    Thanks so much!

  18. Thank you for this very informative article! I’d love your doctor’s information if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me. Thank you for providing such helpful information.

  19. Hey Jenn and Matt!

    Thanks for your story, it’s really very useful, I’m going to deliver in about one month in CIMA too and would really appreciate your doctors info please:)

  20. Hi, my question is a bit off topic, but I didn’t find where else I can ask it. How much do babysitters cost in Jaco area? Where do people find babysitters? Thank you

    1. If you can find a local to help, the pay is approx. minimum wage. We had someone helping us with our son a few hours a week at her house earlier this year, and she charged 2,500 colones per hour. Usually babysitters are found through word of mouth. Sometimes teachers are looking for more work or work during school breaks. There are also companies that cater more towards tourists who charge a higher rate. One is Costa Kids out of Herradura.

  21. Hi Jenn & Matt,
    Thank you so much for sharing your birth experience, it is very useful and reassuring!
    We are also planning to give birth in CR, we are still hesitating between CIMA and Hospital San Rafael Arcángel.

    We already got a quotation from both hospitals. Unfortunately, the Dra. that someone recommended to me is not answering my e-mail. And I am kind of stuck now. Would you be able to share your doctor’s info with me? And is your doctor specialized in vaginal birth/ water birth attention?

    I noticed that some doctors in the private hospital system in CR tend to have a preference for C-sections..

    Thank you so much again for sharing your story.


    Lubna & Thomas

    1. Hi Lubna, I’m sorry that happened to you. How strange that they would not email you back.

      Yes, the doctor I used is very pro natural birth. He can definitely do water births as well. Cima doesn’t have a tub I don’t think but they can set up a portable pool.

      I will send you my doctor’s info soon.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story and all of the details! I am planning to deliver at CIMA in August of 2021. Could you share your doctor recommendation?

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  24. Hi guys! Wow you are so organized and informative, this is a big help! I’m here in CR, due in a few months and need to catch up and learn everything asap! Pls also send me all your different doctor’s info/ contact details as well as any good sites/ tips for finding somewhere to live/ nest for a while…
    Much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Hi Tara, sure, we’ll send you the doctor information now. For where to live before the birth, we stayed in Santa Ana at an Airbnb. Santa Ana and Escazu are close to Cima if you decide to deliver there. Rentals are fairly affordable there too.

  25. Hi! We are delivering end of July at CIMA. Who was your OB and pediatrician? I’m high risk. We started prenatal care in the states but head back for end of pregnancy on Monday. Thank you for this helpful article!

  26. Hi, thanks for this. So useful for anyone just coming in. This seems to be a popular question — could you please share your doctor’s name? Thank you so much

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  28. So glad I came across your site! I’m from LA and 5 months pregnant right now. My partner and I are set on having our baby at CIMA as well 🙂 I’d love to do more research on your doctor! Could you please provide me with his/her contact information?

    Thank you so much for this!

  29. Hi! I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first! I would also like to know your doctor info from CIMA as I’m currently looking for a new doctor. I was also curious if you used health insurance from the states. I have health insurance through blue cross blue shield and I believe they cover international, I was curious if you used insurance and how it worked?

    1. Hi Jaci, We didn’t have insurance in Costa Rica at the time so paid out of pocket. If you use international insurance (not a CR company), the hospital will make you pay upfront then you can seek reimbursement through your insurance company after.

      We’ll email you our doctor’s info now.

  30. Hi Jenn and Matt! Thanks so much for sharing all of this! I would also love the name of your doctor.

  31. Good morning! We’re moving to CR in 3 weeks and will have our baby in November. Could you share with me the names of your doctors? Thank you!

  32. Hi Jenn and Matt! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story <3. Are you able to share your doctors information? With gratitude!

      1. Hi Jenn and Matt

        We are looking to come to Costa Rica very soon to have our little one there. We are considering CIMA hospital as it seems the best option for our family. Would you mind emailing me the details of your doctor and paediatrician that you used? We are high risk but ideally wanting to have a natural birth, maybe a water birth if we are lucky. Do you know if this is possible in the CIMA hospital?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Skie, Yes, you can do a water birth at CIMA. They don’t have a tub but your doctor can provide a portable one for you if they do water births. I will email you my doctors’ information now.

  33. Hello! I am 7 month pregnant right now and I am looking for a recomendacion for an pregnancy matanity doctor in the San Jose area. Would you tell me your doctor name if possible? Thank you))))

  34. Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s super helpful. Could I get the contact information for both prenatal doctor and the doctor who delivered? Thank you!

  35. Hello! I had a vaginal -natural – nor profitable delivery in the US with my first daughter. I am very nervous about being pushing into a c section here. Could you please send me the name of your Dr. at CIMA?

    1. Hi Michaela, We wouldn’t be too worried about being pushed into a C section. Just get a good doctor who shares your ideology. There are many out there who support natural delivery. We’ll send you our doctor’s info now.

  36. Hello! I have a very similar situation and would love if you could share your doctor’s information! Thanks so much!

  37. Hi Marina, I’m not exactly sure how they would handle that at Cima. They have doctors there all the time so I would assume they would be able to help you if you showed up unexpectedly. They will want you to make payment arrangements in advance, though, so be aware of that. They are big on that at private hospitals here. Usually they won’t treat you until you’re paid up.

    For some reason my doctor and I have talked about this and I know he won’t do home births anymore. So I don’t think he’s the right fit. Good luck finding someone and hope all goes well with your birthing experience!

  38. Hi Jenn and Matt – Very helpful post, we just found out we are expecting and we are planning to have the baby in CR.

    Would you be able to provide us with the contact information for the doctor?

    Much appreciated in advance!


      1. Thank you so much! I know you’ve gotten bombarded with requests. We only just moved here two months ago and this is a surprise – so your help is so appreciated!

  39. Hi Jenn and Matt,
    I am in my first trimester and would love more information about your Dr and Pediatrician. Thanks for all this helpful info, I plan to have our baby at CIMA and really appreciate how much you’ve shared about your experience.

  40. Thank you so much for this information. I am living in Costa Rica and am 4 months pregnant. Would love the name of your doctor! Thanks so much!

  41. Hey Jenn and Matt, thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations on your new baby! I’m considering having my baby at CIMA and I was wondering if you could share your doctors’ and pediatrician’s info from CIMA?

      1. Hey, thanks for sharing this information. Congratulations on your new baby!

        I’m also considering having my baby at CIMA and I was wondering if you could share your doctors’ and pediatrician’s info from CIMA?


  42. Hi Jen and Matt! Thank you so much for sharing your birth story. It’s incredibly helpful!

    We moved to San Jose in March of 2022 and are currently 25 weeks pregnant with our second child. I am planning to deliver at CIMA and currently have a provider there but would love to get your provider’s information. I have similar concerns as you did about delivering in Costa Rica. Would you mind emailing me?


  43. Hi guys! Very informative post and a joy to read. I know this is from a few years ago, but was wondering if you could send me the name of the doctor who you delivered with at CIMA? I’m expecting in April 🙂 Thank you!

  44. Hello and thank you for these amazing articles! You guys are an absolute wealth of information and I am so grateful to have come across your website. I’m the 100th person to ask you if you could share the names of your OB and pediatrician lol. Thanks so much.

  45. Thank you thank you for this wonderfully informative article! Would you mind sharing your doctors info with me as well please?

  46. Hi Jenn and Matt,

    I found your post to be refreshingly transparent and informative. My wife and I are expecting and are currently considering where to deliver. Would you be willing to share the contact information of your pediatrician and the doctor you used at CIMA? Thanks!

    Excellent choice of a name for your son, btw 😉

  47. Hello Jenn and Matt! thank you so much for sharing with us all this amazing information. We are thinking about delivering in Costa Rica. Would you please mind sharing with us your doctor’s and pediatrician’s information? Thank you so much!

  48. Hey there, just wondering who your doctors were in San Isidro and San Jose 🙂 We are going for our first ultrasound in San Isidro in 2 weeks, but we are also considering going all the way to San Jose for the delivery. Would love the doctor recommendation if possible. Thanks so much!

  49. Hi, do you mind sending me the doctor’s info that you used? Currently looking for one. Thanks! 😊

  50. Hi Jenn and Matt! We loved your experience, thanks a lot for sharinf it with us. We are moving to CR on August, and intend to have our baby at CIMA. Could you please tell us the name of the OB and the pediatrician that took care of you? Thank u so much!!!

  51. Hi,

    Excellent information!! Thank you! I’m looking for a doctor and pediatrician for my delivery in January. Will you please send me the information on your doctors?

  52. Hi Jenn and Matt,

    My husband, daughter and I are moving to Costa Rica next month and I am currently 6 months pregnant. I am planning on going to CIMA hospital. Could you please let me know what doctors you used? Thank you!!!

  53. Hi, I am from India I am planning for my first baby dilivery in costa rica can you send me all the details like doctors name, hospital information and dilivery cost.


    1. Hi Vaibhav, I think we include the delivery cost in our post. Keep in mind that the cost has probably increased because we gave birth in 2019. You could email the hospital for current information. We’ll email you the doctor and hospital information now.

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