Our Travel Agency

Our Travel Agency

Two Weeks in Costa Rica, Inc.

Two Weeks in Costa Rica may have started as a blog, but we’ve grown into a full-service travel agency. We have been helping people with travel planning since we moved to Costa Rica in 2013. In the beginning, we provided more limited guidance on itinerary planning, but over the years as our knowledge of the country grew, we expanded our services. We now offer the full spectrum of Costa Rica travel planning assistance. We can help book hotels, tours, and shuttles, and also offer a customized itinerary service where we help with every aspect of your trip. We not only make personalized recommendations, but we also take care of the bookings.

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Legal Information

Our travel agency is part of our US corporation, Two Weeks in Costa Rica, Inc. We are a licensed seller of travel (Fla.  ST41024), bonded, and fully insured for errors and omissions.

Connecting Clients with the Best

As a travel agency, we do not provide the service you are purchasing (shuttle, tour, etc.). Instead, we use our on-the-ground knowledge to hand pick the best hotels, tour operators, and shuttle companies available in Costa Rica. Quality of service varies widely so we add value by helping to connect you with operators that provide the best possible experience. We have been working with many of the service providers we use for several years now because of their excellent, reliable service.

How It Works

Through our various services, we work with you to help figure out the travel option that best suits you. Once we have a hotel, tour, or shuttle that accommodates your needs, we will contact the service provider to check availability for the desired service. Once confirmed, we will send you an invoice through PayPal or Stripe (credit card processor).

We also have some automated booking systems in place on our website (e.g., shuttles). Even though we may not correspond directly with you through our online booking system, the concept is the same. For each order, we continue to work behind the scenes to match you with the best service providers and make sure all the details for your request are met. 

When you book through us, we will handle the reservation for you as a travel agency. We will provide detailed information about the booking along the way, including reservation/confirmation numbers whenever they are available, pricing information, what is included, and the applicable cancellation policy. We also provide the contact information for the service provider as well as our own contact information, as we continue to be available if you encounter any problems upon arrival. This information is included in a booking confirmation that we send after you make your payment. It is also included earlier in the PayPal invoice or online order details, so that all information is provided upfront.

Shortly before your trip, we double check that everything is on track with your reservations. We are constantly working back and forth with the different hotels and service providers to make sure that everything is perfect for our clients when they arrive.


Everything is billed securely through PayPal or Stripe (credit card processor). We take care of all applicable fees so the price you pay is the same as if you booked directly through the service provider.

Our Services

For more information about our services, please visit the following pages of our site:

Tour Booking Service – Personalized help planning tours and activities. We have you fill out a form to learn more about what types of activities you are interested in, then send a detailed document with our recommendations. We then make all the reservations for you for no extra charge.

Customized Itinerary Service – Custom, individualized help planning all aspects of a trip from start to finish. We help you select destinations, hotels, transportation (shuttles or rental car), and tours. We also provide restaurant recommendations. Once you make your selections, we make all the reservations for you. To help keep you organized, we send detailed complete itinerary documents with information on all your reservations. If you are driving, we also provide detailed directions between destinations.

Shuttle Bookings – Our online booking platform for arranging shuttle transportation throughout Costa Rica. 

Customer Reviews

You can read reviews from past clients by visiting our Customer Reviews Page.


If you are interested in using one of our services, please contact us through the applicable page using the links above.

If you have a specific question about our travel agency, you can contact us at info(at)twoweeksincostarica(dot)com.

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