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Costa Rica

Make travel planning fast and easy with Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries.

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Two Weeks
Costa Rica

A Travelogue with a Guidebook Twist

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Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries

Two Weeks in Costa Rica

Discover the Best of Costa Rica in
10 Customized Itineraries

The goal of this straightforward guide is to help you jump-start the planning process. Simply pick an itinerary based on your interests (e.g., wildlife, beaches, family travel) to discover where to visit in one or two weeks. Each itinerary (1) provides a general overview of destinations so that you know what to expect, (2) highlights the must-see activities and attractions, and (3) recommends the best order for your travels.

A Transportation Guide answers your questions about how to get around and provides the main transportation options for each itinerary. The beauty of this simple guide is that it condenses what would normally be a 500-page guidebook into easy-to-read text to help you plan your vacation quickly and efficiently.

What’s Included: One and two-week itineraries with detailed descriptions, insider tips, and photos on:

  • The Best of Costa Rica
  • Authentic Costa Rica
  • Adventure
  • Surfing
  • Wildlife
  • Birding
  • Family Fun
  • Eco-trekking
  • Guanacaste Beaches
  • Costa Rica and Panama
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A Travelogue with a Guidebook Twist

Have you ever been attacked by monkeys, hiked in one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, or had your wallet stolen, then given back? Matthew Houde and Jennifer Turnbull share these adventures and more in the book, Two Weeks in Costa Rica.

In a style that is part narrative, part guidebook, these seasoned travelers bring us along as they trek through lush jungle, brave the local bus, and explore far-off towns. They introduce us to the vibrant culture of Costa Rica and teach us how this jewel of Central America is best traveled.

But this book isn’t just another travel story. Through their journey, Matt and Jenn learn that life is about more than the daily grind and discover what it means to live pura vida.

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