Giving Back

Giving Back

Here at Two Weeks in Costa Rica, giving back to our community and the environment is very important to us. The kind people and beautiful nature and wildlife is, after all, what drew us here to begin with.

Charitable Donations

Every year, we give back a significant portion of our proceeds to causes in Costa Rica that are important to us. To that end, we currently donate to three charitable organizations.


MareBlu is a Costa Rican non-profit organization that helps reduce plastic waste along the central Pacific coast. Their goal is to keep our oceans plastic-free.

They have several plastic reduction measures. In addition to doing their own beach clean-ups using volunteers, they have plastic collection bins all around the Jaco area for locals to properly dispose of their plastic.

The plastic they collect is used by companies in Costa Rica to make concrete pavers and blocks, composite wood products, and even asphalt.

In only 4.5 years, MareBlu has removed around 300 tons (660,000 pounds or 300,000 kg) of plastic from local beaches!

Here is a link to our full article on our partnership with MareBlu. We have been donating to them since 2022.

receiving certificate from MareBlu
Receiving our Ocean Alliance Program partner certificate from MareBlu

Association Community Carbon Trees

Association Community Carbon Trees is a small Costa Rican non-profit organization located in Costa Rica’s southern zone. They work with local farmers in rural areas to reforest land. They choose sections of land near existing jungle or along a stream. This helps create and connect wildlife corridors that allow animals to safely move from one area to another. It also creates natural buffer zones between farming and development, and the rainforest.

Importantly, Community Carbon Trees works with the farmers over time to make sure that they are maintaining the trees. This ensures that the trees do not die. The organization pays the farmers to incentivize them.

The program has planted and cared for over 22,000 trees and built relationships with dozens of farmers.

Here is a link to our full article on our partnership with Community Carbon Trees. We have been donating to them since 2021.

looking up large tree trunk into canopy above

BioSur Foundation

The BioSur Foundation is a Costa Rican non-profit that promotes rainforest conservation, environmental education, and scientific research.

Importantly, the organization protects delicate rainforest next to the famous Corcovado National Park. They have a large biological reserve near Puerto Jimenez called Reserva Rio Nuevo. One of their goals is to acquire surrounding land to increase the amount in conservation.

They also work to educate the community about the importance of this local ecosystem.

In addition, they offer tours to visitors of the reserve and their insect museum.

We have been donating to the BioSur Foundation since 2023.

Sustainability Articles

In addition to donating, we also make a point of highlighting sustainability on our website.

In our Sustainability section, you will find articles on wildlife rehabilitation centers, sustainable coffee tours, and other conservation organizations that you can visit during your trip.

wood tray filled with coffee seedlings
Coffee seedlings at a sustainable coffee tour

We also have an article that lists sustainable hotel options so that you can limit your impact.

We will continue to expand this section, visiting more organizations that promote sustainability and sharing them with you.

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