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Travel Questions

If you have a travel question and can’t find the answer on our site, we’re happy to help. Post a comment the most relevant article you can find and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do receive a lot of requests and many of the same questions, so before asking yours, please search our website for the answer.

Moving Questions

If you want to know more about moving to Costa Rica, be sure to read our FAQs Post, which answers the most commonly asked questions. 

Also be sure to visit the ARCR Forums, which cover a wide range of topics like residency, living expenses, health care, and real estate.


If you need help planning your visit or move to Costa Rica, we offer a variety of services.

Our Video Chat Service can help with anything from narrowing down destinations and working out logistics, to answering specific questions and giving personal advice.

If you’re planning a vacation, we can also assist with some of your bookings. Visit our Tour Booking and Shuttle Booking pages for more information.

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At this time, we are not accepting sponsored posts or guest posts on our site.

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