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michaelzanette asked 6 years ago

Hey guys!My girlfriend and I are flying down from Canada on January 30th for 11 days. We\’re in our mid-20s, with full-time jobs. We arrive at SJO around 15:00 and plan on taking the public bus (from the bridge/ bus stop) to Puntarenas for the first night. We have booked an Airbnb in the town. The next day we\’re going to walk on to the ferry, go across and then take another public bus to Santa Teresa for 3 nights. Our plan is to relax, try surfing with a guide, hike, maybe rent a quad, and visit Montezuma/ Isla Tortuga on day trips. After that, we\’re unsure if we should stop for a night in Tamarindo or keep going to the mountains/ Monteverde for hiking. We\’d like to do some rafting tour with one of the companies that offers shuttle service to San Jose so we don\’t have to worry about transport the night before we leave.  We\’re not into large parties or super wild nights, but we do enjoy having a few drinks with some new people at a hostel or local pub/ bar.Curious if you have any recommendations for our trip, especially after Santa Teresa. Also, wondering if the public bus the first day to Puntarenas will be fine or if there\’s anything we should know (apparently it\’s only 2hrs). I already know that they can be busy and that we pay in the CR currency, but beyond that I really have no idea of what we\’re getting into! Renting a car on Nicoya is not out of the question either, but we\’re trying to save money.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi michaelzanette, 
Hope you are enjoying your trip so far. Tamarindo is really far from Santa Teresa/Mal Pais because the road along the west coast there isn’t really driven much. So you have to go all the way up the east side of the peninsula and bus routes for that aren’t really available from what we know. One idea is to maybe cross back over to Jaco (similar vibe to Tamarindo) using the speed boat connection from Santa Teresa and hang out there for some good food/drinks and a cool hostel. From Jaco you could do rafting too. Then maybe go up to Monteverde after that? It would be fairly easy on the bus (through Puntarenas). Just an idea for you. Enjoy your time in CR!.

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