1 month holiday in Costa Rica for exercise and healthy eating by the sea

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Expateacher asked 8 years ago

I’m looking for an inexpensive seaside place in Costa Rica to spend 4 weeks this summer. I want to eat and live healthy so looking for a place where I can the most on this list:
-do interesting running/hiking
-eat fresh fish caught locally
-eat fresh veggies grown locally
-swim, hopefully a swimming pool/lap pool locally but also in the sea
-workout in a decent gym
-good massages

I’ll need wifi to get work done too. So if you know the name of a good seaside destination and even an inexpensive hotel/pension/Airbnb all the better!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Expateacher,
Your cheapest option for 4 weeks would probably be a monthly rental. Since North America’s summer is the low season here, you could probably score something for $400-$700. We’d suggest searching for local Facebook Groups for the towns you are interested in and posting in there that you are looking for an affordable rental. There are many places in Costa Rica that fit your description. Since you probably don’t want to rent a car for that long a period of time, maybe check out our post, Best Beach Towns in Costa Rica to Visit Without a Car. You could also check out our new post about Samara or our MontezumaNosara, or Mal Pais/Santa Teresa posts. All great places to hang out and experience Costa Rica for a month or maybe more… 🙂