Where to relax after hiking?

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LaceyJo asked 7 years ago

Hello, and thank you so much for all of the amazing information you’ve provided on your site!
My fiancé and I are getting married in Dominical during the dry season. We are staying for 5 nights at a large rental villa with our families, and the plan is to mostly hang out and enjoy the pool, beaches, and wildlife during that time. We will probably make one or two day trips up to Manuel Antonio.
After the 5 nights are over, we are leaving for the honeymoon portion of our trip. I am mostly interested in wildlife viewing. My fiancé is mostly interested in not spending too much of our trip “traveling”. We are both extremely interested in hiking. I think that once we are finished with our time in Dominical, we will travel to Drake Bay for 3 or 4 nights and do some hiking through the parks. Then, we want to spend a few days climbing Cerro Chirripo and hiking through that area.
After all of that hiking and exploring, I think we definitely need some down time and romance. Not necessarily on the beach, but definitely somewhere we can drink lots of alcohol and get a massage. Any suggestions on where to end our trip? Again, not spending too much time driving would be ideal. But as long as we can get there in one day from Cerro Chirripo I’ll consider it a real option. We plan on having a rental car. Thank you!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi LaceyJo, 
Congrats on your upcoming marriage in Costa Rica. Your plans for Drake By and Cerro Chirripo sound great. If you are looking for massages, drinks, etc. within a day drive of Chirripo, you’d probably be looking at either Manuel Antonio or Jaco. Both have some nice hotels with spas and boutique places that would be good for romance (see our posts for hotel recommendations) Otherwise, more developed towns are out of reach in a day.