What to do with two open days between Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna

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Ken asked 6 years ago

Subject line pretty much states the question. We’re coming to CR for two weeks the end of January into February and by mistake ended up with two days and nights in between Manuel Antonio (three nights at Tulemar Resort) ) and La Fortuna (three nights at Tabacon Thermal Resort).  Later destinations are Monteverde and Playa Mansita, flying back to US from Liberia.

Other than trying to extend our stays at Manuel Anotonio and La Fortuna, what suggestions do you have for us to fill the days and nights in this gap? We don’t intend to rent a car in CR, so we’d book private transportation to the intermediate destination and from there to La Fortuna.
Thanks for whatever you can suggest.

Ken replied 6 years ago

Thanks so much.

I forgot to check for answers. What we ended up doing is booking a private driver to pick us up at Tulemar Gardens and take us to an Air BnB in Alajeuala with as many stops as we want to make along the way. We want to see the crocodile bridge. Based on your suggestion, we’ll probably grab lunch in Jaco.

We’ll stay in Alajuela a couple of nights, using it as a jumping off point for our driver to take us on day trips to a coffee plantation and the waterfall park. It’s OK with us if there’s not a lot to do at night. We’ll appreciate the downtime.

After that, the driver will take us to our next lodging, Tabacon Thermal Resort. We’ll book excursions from there.

Then to Monteverde Inn for two nights. Finishing up at Marriott Guanacaste. Flying home out of Liberia.

We still need to book shuttles or cars for some of those.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Ken, 
Normally we’d recommend going south of Manuel Antonio to the Costa Ballena or stopping somewhere sort of in between MA and La Fortuna, like Atenas. But both those options aren’t very good without a car since things are spread out. Instead you could check out Jaco, which is a really good place to stay without a car and would be on the way to La Fortuna. Or extending your time in either place would also be a good idea. 

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