Trip ideas with 5, 8, and 12 year old

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alana asked 7 years ago

My family and I will be attending a weeklong surf camp in Samara in March. We decided to add a week onto the trip prior to surf camp. I’m looking for ideas as this is our first ever big trip as a family. Part of me is thinking about staying somewhere near the airport (Liberia) for a day or two to settle in, then go to Monteverde for maybe 3 days, and then going somewhere else before ending up in Samara for the week. I think Tortuguero could be an amazing experience for the kids but I’m not sure if the effort of getting there is worth it. Can you tell I am slightly terrified of managing my 3 kids of such different ages (5, 8, 12) on this amazing adventure? What would be your go to plan for a Saturday-Saturday knowing that the 2nd week will be full of beach time. Thank you in advance for any and all ideas!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi alana,
From Liberia, Tortuguero would probably be too much traveling. But your idea to go inland and explore is really good. There isn’t much in Liberia itself. Depending on your arrival time you could make it somewhere like Bijagua near the Rio Celeste Waterfall (great for wildlife too). Then you could loop down to La Fortuna for a few nights (tons of activities for the family), Monteverde for a couple more (you can see a lot in a couple days) and then be a reasonable distance from Samara. That’s just one idea with some popular stops for families. Hope this helps!