Traveling from Liberia airport to Arenal

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jackienf asked 8 years ago

We were going to rent a car but were talked out of it due to several warnings on blogs because of road conditions, large deposits and hidden fees. I started looking into shuttles and that would cost more than a car rental (less the deposit). I really like the idea of using NatureAir but they don’t have flights the days we need (Oct 13 and returning Oct 17). Are there any other companies we might want to consider? Thank you!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi jackienf, 
The other domestic airline is Sansa but they don’t fly directly to La Fortuna from Liberia. You would have to go from Liberia to San Jose and then take another flight from San Jose to La Fortuna, which would make it expensive (about $170/pp) and take a while. It would be the same thing for the return flights. 
Not sure what you read about the roads between Liberia and La Fortuna but they really aren’t bad. We have a post about Road Conditions that might help you decide if driving is something you would reconsider. Go to the post and look at the following routes: Route 1 (the Inter-Americana Highway, which is a modern highway you would find in the US or Canada) and Route 142 (a secondary paved road in good condition. Route 142 is curvy at times but not mountainous or anything. Basically it is a country road, again like you would find in the States or Canada. As long as you go a reasonable speed and don’t drive in the dark, you should be fine. 
As for the rental car deposits, yes some companies charge outrageous deposits. The company we recommend and get a discount through though only puts a hold of $1,500 for the rental. You can read more about them (Adobe) and the discount on our Rental Car Discount page. They have no hidden fees, and only charge what you are quoted unless you add on extra insurance, etc. later on. 
Hope this helps!