travel to Tenorio on way to monteverde

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meredithcombs asked 7 years ago

We will be staying in El Castillo for 3 nights then traveling to Monteverde.  I researched the route to take and noticed that you must go around the lake and then south.  Is it feasible for us to leave around 7 am from El Castillo traveling to Tenorio, do the hike and waterfall, and then travel to Monteverde all in one day?  We want to visit this waterfall but if we are going to be traveling this route anyway on our way to Monteverde, we would like to visit waterfall the day of travel to Monteverde.
thanks Meredith

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Meredith, 
That would make for a long day but it is possible. Just be sure to take Route 4 up towards the Rio Celeste. The shortcut looking road off of Route 143 was in bad shape and took a long time the last time we drove it. After the Rio Celeste it would be best to go up to Bijagua and go west on Route 6 to connect with Route 1 south. One thing that is a little concerning is that you will have your luggage in the car. The parking lot at the waterfall has attendants but it is a very big lot so they can’t watch your car that closely. So maybe plan to take your most valuable items on the trail with you in a backpack or get a really good parking spot close to the attendants. If you do this, be sure to check out our Rio Celeste post (and read the comments) and the Driving to Monteverde post too. 

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