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knwalker11 asked 7 years ago

Good morning ~ 
Our son has been studying abroad in Costa Rica the past 6 weeks. When he completes his studies, we will be joining him for 10 days to travel (which your website has been helpful in planning – thank you 😉  
We will be picking him up at his host family’s home. I am very excited to meet them and would like to take them a thank you gift for having him in their home for 6 weeks. I know you moved from the states and have been living in Costa Rica for years and thought you have some ideas to help.  Can you suggest something “american” and unique that would be a good and appropriate gift for this?  
Thank you!!  Kristi Walker

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Kristi, 
That is awesome that your son is getting that kind of experience and so nice that you will be able to meet the host family. We’ve answered a similar question on the forum before, you can check it out here:
Hopefully that helps and you find something unique to bring. The Ticos are so nice I’m sure they will be thrilled with anything. Safe travels!

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