Route 935

Kenmiller asked 7 years ago

Hello There,
My wife and I will arriving at Liberia air port in April and driving to the EL JOBO area and would like to know if the 935 is a paved or gravel road?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Ken,
We haven’t made it up to El Jobo yet but I believe that the road is still dirt. I bet it is in good shape though since there are some nice resorts out that way. Maybe check with your accommodations? After you drive it, if you want to report back to us on our Road Conditions post, we’ll make you famous by giving you a shot out. 🙂

UPDATE (March 23, 2017): We heard from a reader that Route 935 is now fully paved up to El Jobo. “It is now fully paved as far as the Dreams Las Mareas resort. The road itself is fairly quiet and has enough straights to allow overtaking if you get stuck behind a lorry (which you will).”

Thanks Chanton!