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lisadh16 asked 6 years ago

Hi Matt and Jenn! Thank you so much for this helpful blog. Sorry if I missed this in your forum but how are the roads from SJO to La Fortuna area then from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio National Park? My fiance and I were planning on renting a car and driving to La Fortuna and exploring the Arenal area as well then drive down to Manuel Antonio National Park then back to SJO. Do you think we would be able to make it with a regular sedan? We are traveling the last weekend of May.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi lisadh16, 
Those roads are in good condition as long as you take the right routes. From San Jose to La Fortuna you’ll want Route 1 to Route 702. For the trip from La Fortuna to Manuel Antonio, you’ll go Route 702, to Route 1 west, to Route 23, then Route 27, and finally Route 34. You can check out our Road Conditions post for more details about all those. You shouldn’t need a 4×4 unless you are planning activities that would require one or staying somewhere with a 4×4 only driveway.