Punta Uva or Domincal?

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Clifford asked 6 years ago

My soon-to-be-wife and I are honeymooning in CR, but I don’t know which coast is better.  We are staying in Montezuma for four days, so I know we’ll get some Pacific beach in, but I hear that it is quite different in Dominical from Montezuma.  Is the Caribbean even more different?  If you just had 4 days to spend either in Punta Uva or Domincal, which would you choose?  I know that lots of variables can go into this choice, but purely from a beach perspective, which is better?  Thanks!!!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Clifford, 
Not sure if you’ve already figured out your honeymoon plan yet or not. If it helps, we’d say that Dominical is actually somewhat similar to Montezuma in terms of beaches. They are both good for surfing and have some secluded spots where you can get away from it all. The look is also similar in both areas with some rocky outcroppings on many of the smaller beaches. Punta Uva or Puerto Viejo in general is much different. The culture is different, the food, environment, etc. But the beaches are also very different. Punta Uva has a really cool reef fairly close to shore and when it is calm, it can be great for snorkeling. It has more of a Caribbean island feel, with nice sand and palm trees and not too many rocky sections. So if you are looking to change it up from one place to the next, maybe do both the Pacific and Caribbean. Hope you have a great time whatever you decide!