liz asked 6 years ago

hi! thanks for all the work you do to help us all, such great and helpful info.  A few questions: as another person posted, the road conditions of 927 – (Bijagua (6) eventually to Monteverde) – requiring 4×4?  We are renting a car for 2 weeks, staying mostly on main roads, and would love to just rent a 4×2.  There are a few routes I’m hoping that the 4×2 would work? The 927, the 160 Paquera to Montezuma, and Montezuma to Tamarindo up the gulf on 21 (or is it better to go back on the ferry and head north 1 to18 to21? could we use a 4×2 on side beach roads from Manuel Antonio north to Punterenas? How about the beach roads around Tamarindo?  Sure would like to downsize to the 4×2.  I own one here, and it drives great in the snow – Thanks again! Liz

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

 Hi Liz, 
Like we mentioned in the other thread about Route 927, we haven’t driven it but think that it is a rougher dirt road. Maybe someone reading this can comment if they’ve taken it? 
For Route 160 on the eastern side of the Nicoya, it really depends on when you are traveling (weather/rainfall) and when the last time they graded the road is. In dry weather it could be fine but we recommend a 4×4 just in case. Route 21 and the local roads around the beach communities you mentioned are fine with a 4×2. Be sure to check out our Road Conditions of Specific Roads post for a good overview.