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gurnz asked 8 years ago

Going to Costa Rica for 6-7 days and I need some help picking a city. I want to party at night but during the day I also want to go on tours and see jungles and wildlife and nice beaches. I was thinking of Jaco for the partying but I have been reading the beach isnt that nice and there isnt much wildlife around since its a developed area. Any good nature spots are hours away and I won’t have a car. So is there any other spot where I can do all of this or should I just stay in Jaco?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Gurnz, You can get some ideas of where to visit without a car in our post all about it: but for places that are especially good for partying and also wildlife, you might like Puerto Viejo ( or Santa Teresa/Mal Pais ( Both these places have awesome beaches, lots of nature, and tours available right from town. They are each pretty far away but you can still get there by bus or shuttle van from the airport. Hope that helps!