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Kenny M asked 6 years ago

Hello! Thanks for the great info on your website! 
We are staying in Manuel Antonio for a week from the US, and wanted to get any recommendations for emergency medical care if needed. It looks like there are several hospitals in San Jose (CIMA, etc), but what is the best option in or near Quepos? 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Kenny,
In Quepos and Manuel Antonio you have some great options for emergency medical care right in town. There is Centro Medico Quepos, with Dr. Gannon. He speaks fluent English and has great resources in his office but can also organize emergency medical transport to San Jose, if necessary. There is also Hospital Metropolitano at the Quepos Marina (this is a branch of the bigger private hospital in San Jose). They aren’t set up as much for 24hr emergencies but have a lot of specialists on call for different things you may need. The public hospital in Quepos is also an option and they have an emergency department. Some of the staff there speak English as well.