Manuel Antonio, Dominical or Uvita?

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Sodikins asked 8 years ago

Hi there! I would really like a little guidance, please. We are a family of 5 children 18, 11 & 9, we are from the UK in a small countryside town. We are visiting CR for the very first time and it is for us a trip of a lifetime. We are really coming to see beautiful scenery and wildlife. We are planning to spend 3 full days in Arenal then on to Manuel Antonio for 3 days and on to Drakes Bay for 3 days. Trouble is we have realised we are spending 3 days in MA during Easter week and we really don’t like crowds. We were going to MA for a beach break and relaxation between Arenal and Drake Bay, the beautiful beaches and national park on the beach were a big draw for us but it looks like its going to be crazy busy. We then thought we should stay only 2 days in MA instead and spend 4 days in Drakes Bay. But I wonder if 4 full days at Drakes Bay would be too much. Also I wonder if we should go to Dominical or Uvita  instead. Our families aren’t surfers although we wouldn’t mind having a go. I’ve been put off Uvita by the posts on Trip Advisor about robberies by gun and knife point on the beach. We booked on Villas Alturas which looks amazing but we weren’t really planning on renting a car this trip. I also looked at the MAVI Surf which has amazing reviews but no view and is on the beach at Domincal which doesn’t look like a safe swimming beach for my kids. People on Trio Advisor say we should go to MA anyway and enjoy it and as we are staying at The Parador on the hill, we’ll be away from the crowds but I’m really not a big resort type person. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I apologise for my long question. 

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Sodikins, 
It will be hard to avoid the crowds, even in Dominical, since it gets very busy along the beaches that week. Parador is a bit away from everything else in Manuel Antonio and has several pools as well as a more secluded beach (Playa Biesanz) nearby. They also have some trails onsite. But if you go the the National Park, main beach, etc. it will be really crowded. You can definitely spend more time in Drake Bay since there is a lot of activities to do and plenty of relaxing beaches to explore. So maybe cutting your time in MA by a night and spending it in Drake is the answer? If you do, make sure to read our Drake Bay post before you go 🙂