Going to Jaco and La Fortuna 9/28 -10/6 and did not do my homework on the rainy season

DWQA QuestionsCategory: General Travel QuestionsGoing to Jaco and La Fortuna 9/28 -10/6 and did not do my homework on the rainy season
jenniferk asked 7 years ago

I did a terrible job of researching and I am heartbroken.  This is our 20 year wedding anniversary and I do not want to spend it in the hotel.  It is obviously going to be raining.  Any ideas for Jaco or La Fortuna in the rain?  Will a lot of places be closed due to low tourism?  I was going to cancel but we would lose to much money and the coordination of child care while we are away takes the most time.  HELP!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi jenniferk, 
Don’t worry. You should definitely expect there to be rain but you shouldn’t have to be stuck in the hotel room. The weather in La Fortuna can sometimes be very nice this time of year because it has similar precipitation to the Caribbean Coast, which is actually pretty dry during this time. It can get quite rainy on the Pacific Coast in late September but if you get out and do activities early, you should be able to get some fun things in. Some restaurants and shops might be closed but it all depends on the ownership. Most tour companies and activities will still be running and you might be able to get some good deals. Check out our Rainy Season Post too, it might make you feel better. Hope you make the best out of your trip and have a great anniversary!!

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