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dreamcatcher.jenny asked 7 years ago

I’ll be spending a couple of weeks in northwestern Panama (Boquete, David) and then would like to cross to CR and go to the Osa Peninsula area before flying back to California from San Jose.  I’m leaning towards Drake Bay over Puerto Jimenez.  This will be in August, in the rainy season.  I’m reading that the only way to Drake is either from Sierpe/boat or via a flight to Drake – but it seems like the only flights are from SJO, is that true?
While the riverboat from Sierpe sounds cool (I’d like to leave Drake Bay that way and fly to SJO from there to go home), it’s way out of the way to get there from the south. Can I fly to Drake Bay from David/Panama or somewhere else that’s more on my path?  Nature Air’s website shows flights from Puerto Jimenez to Drake Bay in a cartoon map, but no actual flights come up.  Would it help if I switched plans and stayed on the Puerto Jimenez side and forgot about Drake?  Can I fly to Puerto Jimenez from David, or–?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi dreamcatcher.jenny, 
Nature Air does fly from Puerto Jimenez to Drake Bay but looking quickly, it seems that most flights for August are unavailable (except August 18th). Flights from Golfito look the same (only a couple of dates available in August). You might be best off going from the border to Sierpe to take the boat shuttle. It’s about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Paso Canoas if you are driving. Puerto Jimenez is actually farther at over 2 hours. Once you are in Drake Bay, you can get a flight from Drake to San Jose to get home. To answer your other question, Nature Air does fly to Panama, but only between the Bocas and San Jose, that we know of. Hope this helps in some way.  

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