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alesv asked 6 years ago

Wea re preparimg for our first visit to CR  for about 2 week in April or in first 10 days of May. We have some open questions as follows:

  1. Dengue fever: where is it mostly spread? We want to visit Monteverde, Al Arenal, Rincon de la Vieja (optional) and then some days on most beautiful beaches and optional Drake Bay. It seems to me that El Arenal and Monteverde is not a problem or I am wrong? What about rain forest in this region? How about coast and Drake Bay?
  2. Is period between 10th April and 10th May already rain season do we expact a lot of rain or rain every day or it is stil sunny?
  3. I read some reviews on Tripadvisor that driving in CR is dangerous (crime, robbery, accidents). Beside that I calculated that rental car cost about 800 Euros  (about 1.000 USD) for 14 days gasoline and insurance included: Is that correct price for Daihatsu Bego? Or is better to drive around with shuttle and which are safe and reliable and how are cost for our itinerary?
  4. We are nature lovers so we llike to see the best nature places in CR in 14 days and some best beautiful beaches but not crowded. We were on Seychelles last year and it is top destination for tropis sea and beaches. Would you suggest us where to go ?
  5. Must be aware of some dangerous snakes, spiders and frogs on the way and in Drake Bay, Monteverde and Arenal?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Ales,
Here are some posts that will help with your questions: 

  1. Costa Rica and Mosquitos: Tips to Prevent Zika, Dengue, and more
  2. Weather in Costa Rica: What you need to know
  3. Driving in Costa Rica & Safety Tips
  4. For wildlife: Check out our posts on Drake Bay, Puerto Jimenez, Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero, Cahuita, Monteverde, and La Fortuna. These are just some ideas. 
  5. You shouldn’t need to be too concerned with encountering/getting bit by these. Just stay on the trails and bushes and you should be fine. In general snake guards and things like that are not necessary for the average traveler. 

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