First time with kids in Guanacaste

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melanie7 asked 7 years ago

Hi Matt & Jenn–
I wish I had found your website sooner!! We love Costa Rica and brought our four kids (17 to 10 years old) here for two weeks after an amazing experience a couple years ago in Manuel Antonio.  This time we are staying in Playa Hermosa, GTE.  It’s already been a learning experience for me, as I didn’t realize Liberia had an airport (so we flew into SJO and drove a rental car up!).  We have scheduled some excursions for this second week, and I’m wondering if you have suggestions for where to see a sloth (one of the kids’ bucket list items), and some other things we can do during our last couple days.  We have done the side-by-side tour of Sardinal/catarata/Playa Blanca, and the Zip-Line/Mud Bath/hotspring of Vandara.  This week we have jet skiing and snorkeling scheduled.  We did find the Llavos de Cortez, thanks to your website, and had a wonderful time there!  Thank you again for the resources, and thanks in advance for any help you can give us!
Pura Vida!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Melanie, 
Seeing sloths in the wild can be tough in the Guanacaste region. They are much more common in places like Manuel Antonio, Drake Bay, Puerto Viejo, or Tortuguero. Your best option might be to try and see one on the way back to San Jose at a wildlife rescue center. Zoo Ave has them, which is near Alajuela/SJO Airport. It’s not really a zoo, they rescue the animals and release them when possible or put them in big habitats if they are unable to be released. Hope you find one!