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aenglert2110 asked 6 years ago

Hi there, I wanted to learn more about the drive from San Jose airport to Tamarindo. It looks like this is the route:Route 27 to Route 23 North Route 23 north to Route 1 Route 1 to Route 18 west Route 18 to Route 21 Route 21 to Santa Cruz to Route 160 Route 160 to Route 152 Route 152 to Tamarindo?  SUV needed i\\\’m reading?  Thank you for your help! Alex 

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Alex, 
That route is correct. You don’t need a 4×4 as all of that is highway and secondary paved roads. Check out our Road Conditions Post for more about all those routes. Have a great trip!  

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