To Drake or Not to Drake

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cindyc asked 7 years ago

We have hotel options we love, but we are going in the last half of June with a 6-year-old, thinking of doing Arenal, Curu (stay at a cabin in the park), Manuel Antonio (Tulemar) and then wondering if we should do Drake Bay Getaway Resort as well or if we will have seen enough wildlife, been spoiled by Tulemar, so we might not want to include Drake Bay.  Or is it possible even though it’s not as fancy as Tulemar we might love Drake’s Bay more?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi cindyc, 
Those are all great places and all very different. Drake Bay is also a lot different and feels quite far from everything (in a good way) and full of nature and wildlife. It’s one of our favorite places so we’d probably vote to include it. That said, you know your 6-year-old the best and would have to decide what things there would interest him/her. The experience is mostly about wildlife, beaches, and rainforest. Lots of activities are also done by boat (Corcovado visit, snorkeling, etc) so you’d want to be okay with that too. As for accommodations, there are some very nice lodges there too (even nicer than Tulemar) as well as the more rustic options. Not sure if this helps you decide or not but hopefully it helps. Safe travels!