Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez Budget travel advice

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sharkgirl asked 7 years ago

First I just wanted to say your site has been so helpful and I really appreciate it! definitely going to use some of your ideas for my trip!
My friend and I are going to be visiting Osa (Drake Bay & Puerto Jimenez probably) in February and are looking for advice on how to cut our costs. We are 2 girls in our early-mid 20s and are looking to do lots of adventure-style traveling (including diving, rainforest excursions, nights in stations) while avoiding some of the more touristy options (ie. zip lining). As guides and tours can often be expensive we were wondering if you knew of any less expensive options.
We are interested in staying in hostels with lots of cool people interested in the same kind of active stuff, we are looking to spend as little as possible for the best experience and hopefully eat at some places frequented by locals as well.
Spending time Scuba diving is key to us and is the main reason we are visiting drake bay, however I’m curious if traveling to Puerto Jimenez as well will be good instead of going somewhere else. We don’t want to spend lots of our time traveling so we decided to split our 8 days between two places close together.  I am curious if you had any opinions/alternatives about this.
Also we will be renting a car, and will be driving to/from the San Jose Airport, if thats important to any activities.
Thanks in advance!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Amanda, 
One way you can cut costs is by not renting a car the whole time. Drake Bay is difficult to get to by car and there really isn’t a need for one there since everything is on foot or by boat. So you could pick up or return the car in Sierpe (this is where you catch a boat taxi to Drake Bay, see our post for more info. Adobe, the company we offer a discount through allows return there from their Uvita office for $20 extra. In Drake Bay, check out Martina’s Place, Estacion Biologica Tamandua,or Casa Mariposa. And in Puerto Jimenez, look at Lunas Hostel. For activities in Puerto Jimenez, check out our post about the El Tigre entrance to Corcovado and some of the activities they offer. Snorkeling/diving is best from Drake Bay so that you can go to Cano Island.    

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