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kellysmurch asked 8 years ago

Hi, two families (11 of us) are staying in Dominical for a week. We’re renting cars, but I wondered the best way to take a day trip to Drake Bay and possible snorkel at Cano Island? Would a shuttle van be the best way? Thank you! Kelly Murchison

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi kellysmurch, 
Taking a day trip to Drake Bay from Dominical is possible but would seem really rushed since you wouldn’t have much time to explore. We usually suggest at least a couple of nights there, 3 nights is ideal. If you do go, you could take a shuttle van to Sierpe and then take the boat taxi from there. See our post about Drake Bay, which includes boat taxi and parking info.
If your accommodations are already set in Dominical for the whole time, you could still visit Cano Island for a snorkeling tour since boats leave from Uvita also. The boat ride is a little longer but you wouldn’t have to go to Drake Bay first. We live close to this area, so if you need help organizing a shuttle or a tour to Cano, let us know and we can help you get good rates. Have a great time!