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Frankie88 asked 8 years ago

Hello, your blog is wonderful. Looking for a little more information about the beginning of the rainy season weather. Particularly the end of May or end of June for a wedding. I enjoy the lush vegetation and adventure it sounds like the rainy season would bring at the beginning but don’t want to put people in a time where they can’t explore. Do you have any thoughts on this ?

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Frankie88,
Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Costa Rica is an awesome location for such a special occasion. You should check out our Weather in Costa Rica and Why You Should Visit in the Rainy Season posts (especially the comments) for a better idea of what to expect each month in the different regions. Of course it is a bit unpredictable but in general the rains aren’t that bad on the Pacific coast that time of year. Even when it does rain, when it is that early in the rainy season, it usually isn’t until late afternoon so your guests could fit in a lot of activities during the day. Like you said, everything is beautiful and green that time of year too! Hope this helps with your wedding plans!