best way to travel from liberia airport to arenal to tamarindo back to liberia airport

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shannanohlson asked 8 years ago

Hi everyone!  I’m hoping your can help with advise on the best way to travel within Costa Rica.  We are flying into Liberia and want to stay at the beach around Taramindo but also want to see the rainforest and volcano around Arenal.  We will be there for 5 days, are we trying to pack too much in? Looks like getting to Arenal from Taramindo is a 5 hours drive and a pretty curvy road causing car sickness.  Not sure I want to spend that long in the car.  Could someone offer advise?  Perhaps the scenery is wonderful so being in the car for so long isn’t an issue?  Or maybe we can charter a flight or helicopter to make the travel shorter and more adventurous.  Hoping for a second opinion from someone who has done it. Thanks in advance!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi shannanohlson, 
The drive to La Fortuna from the Tamarindo area is about 4-5 hours depending on how fast you go and what stops you make. It is a pretty drive once you get off the InterAmericana Highway (Route 1). Check out our road conditions post for more details and look at Route 142.
The alternative you might be looking for is to fly on a small plane from the Tamarindo air strip to the La Fortuna one and then fly from La Fortuna back to the international airport in Liberia. Nature Air has these flights starting at around $75 per person with limited luggage and going up depending on how heavy your bags are. Also, the flights from La Fortuna to Liberia look to be selling out well in advance for the high season (starting in December), so book those quick if that is when you are coming.
In both places (Tamarindo and La Fortuna) it is nice to have a car to explore. This is especially true in La Fortuna where that activities are more spread out. But you could just rent one in each place for a couple of days if you wanted, since the agencies have location in both. Definitely check out our rental car discount page if you do that to save some money. Hope this helps and you have a great trip!