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SFR asked 6 years ago

I’ve done some research  on this but am posing the question in hopes of getting more current information and to also specify my definition of “best”.
I’m looking for the route that’s a balance between being the fastest as well as the most safe and comfortable option (as my daughter tends to get car sick).
We will be starting the drive approx 8am from Quepos and have a 4*4.
The route I’ve pieced together from other posts is as follows:
QUEPOS-Jaco-(east on 27, passing but not going into Orotina, continuing on 27)-left/North towards Atenas-briefly Route 3, then onto 135-Palmares-onto Route 1-into SAN Ramon-702 into Fortuna.
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi SFR, 
Good question! To drive from Quepos/Manuel Antonio to La Fortuna, we like to take Route 34 to Route 27 and go south/west to Caldera. From there connect with Route 23 towards Puntarenas and then Route 1 towards Esparza. Route 1 will then connect you to Route 702 in San Ramon like you said. This would keep you on major routes, most of which are smoother highway. Route 1 and 702 can be curvy but are in good shape. In your planned route, it would probably work but we’re not familiar with Route 135 to Palmares. We think that it is smaller and very curvy. Check out our road conditions post for more about the routes I mentioned above. Hope you have a smooth drive and no car sickness.  

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