1 month in Costa Rica to learn Spanish with 2 school-age kids

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jballanti asked 6 years ago

Hi there – I have really enjoyed reading your blog while doing preliminary research for a month-long stay in Costa Rica. I would like to come with my 10 and 12 year old children for a month during the summer to learn Spanish and experience the country for an extended time. We are thinking of spending most of our time in the same place with long weekend trips to explore. We like hiking and meeting new people and my children would like to make friends their age and play some soccer. Where would you suggest we stay? Is there a language program you recomend? Thanks for any tips on spending an extended time in the country with children.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi jballanti , 
There are many Spanish schools around the country. Several people have mentioned taking extended classes at a school in Samara. There is also a place that we mention in our Montezuma post. Another one that we know of that is in the Central valley (mountain areas) is Personalized Spanish. They do several different types of classes, including immersion ones where you stay with a family. There are dozens more out there.  Let us know if you find a good one and how your experience was when you get back. 

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