Playa Ocotal: A Relaxing Black Sand Beach

If you are visiting Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province, you no doubt have beaches on your list. This part of the country has all types. From sandy expanses to rocky coves and everything in between. Playa Ocotal is a special spot among locals and returning visitors. It is a neighboring beach to Playas del Coco. But unlike Coco, which has a busy main strip, boardwalk, and lots going on, Playa Ocotal is quiet and peaceful. Also unique is the beach’s very black sand. In this post, we’ll tell you more so you can plan your visit.

A gentle wave on Playa Ocotal


Playa Ocotal is located in the northwestern part of Costa Rica in a region called Guanacaste. This area of the country is drier than other parts and is known for its beaches rather than jungle.

The town of Ocotal is smaller in size. It is made up of condos, private homes (both locals and expats), and small hotels. The nearest larger town is Playas del Coco, about 5-10 minutes away.

From Costa Rica’s Liberia Airport (LIR), the drive to Playa Ocotal is about 40 minutes. From San Jose’s (SJO) Airport, the ride is much longer at about five hours, depending on traffic.

Playa Ocotal view to north
Northern end of Playa Ocotal

Playa Ocotal – About the Beach

Playa Ocotal is a quaint cove about 0.33 miles long (0.5 km). It has rocky points on both ends. There is a small island just off the southern point.

The sand at Playa Ocotal is a charcoal black color. It is one of the blackest in Costa Rica, similar to Playa Carbon, to the south. This dark colored sand is the result of volcanic rocks that have broken down into fine sand. That sand is deposited onto certain beaches by ocean currents.

Under the black sand at Playa Ocotal is a much lighter, white sand. This gives a nice color contrast along parts of the beach.

Black sand mixes with white
Black and white sand on Playa Ocotal

Moored in the cove at Playa Ocotal are many boats. Sport fishing and scuba diving are both popular activities in the area, and some boats depart right from this beach. You’ll also see more traditional-style fishing boats, since the local community has an active fishing trade.

Moored boats just offshore
Boats moored in the calm water

Beach Lounging

For those looking to just relax on the beach, Playa Ocotal is perfect. While small, there are a lot of places along the sand to kick back and spend the day.

Woody shrubs and trees backing the beach

Most of the beach is backed by shrubby trees, which hang over the sand and provide partial shade.

Just use caution as some of them are a type of poison apple.

The sap and fruits of these trees can cause a bad skin rash. Avoid sitting under the apple trees and find a different type to set up under. As long as you don’t touch the trees, fruits, or leaves, though, they are pretty harmless.

close up of Manchineel Tree leaves
The leaves of the Manchineel Tree (Poison Apple)

The rocky cliffs at both ends of the beach also can provide shade at certain times of day when the sun’s angle is right.

Keep in mind that the black sand on Playa Ocotal can get extremely hot, especially on sunny days. Make sure to use sandals when making trips down to the water.

Swimming & Watersports

Because Playa Ocotal is in a protected cove, the waves are usually smaller. This makes it a great place to splash around and swim for kids and adults alike. When conditions are right, you also can snorkel around the rocks to see reef fish.  

Occasionally when winds or currents change, the beach can have medium sized waves and be a bit turbulent.

Calm water at Playa Ocotal
Calm conditions on the southern end of the beach

If you’re looking for activities on the beach, local tour operators offer kayak rentals, banana boat rides, snorkeling trips, and jet ski tours.

Father Rooster Restaurant

While the lack of amenities on Playa Ocotal make it appealing and relaxing, there is one iconic restaurant worth a visit.

Father Rooster has been a landmark since it opened in 1985. This colorful building was once the farmhouse home of the area’s original landowners.

Father Rooster is known for its friendly service, good food and drinks, and laid-back vibe. The restaurant is literally steps from the sand.

Colorful outside of Father Rooster Restaurant
Father Rooster Restaurant, just off the beach

Getting to Playa Ocotal

Getting to Playa Ocotal is easy.

From Playas del Coco, turn down the road near Super Compro (a large grocery store). Follow the road as it curves through local neighborhoods.

At a Y-shaped intersection, you will continue left (right will bring you to the southern end of Playas del Coco). Continue through more neighborhoods.

Eventually you will come to another intersection. There will be a sign for Father Rooster Restaurant. If you go left, you will pass some condos and curve down to the restaurant. If you go right, you will pass the Ocotal Beach Club and reach the beach shortly after.

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a rocky point at the end of the beach


Parking is available at the end of both roads leading to Playa Ocotal. At Father Rooster, there is parking behind the restaurant for patrons and over on the left for beachgoers. On the other road (near the beach club), there is a small area to park (about 15 cars) by the Los Almendros development.

Parking attendants, who work for tips, are usually hanging around and will help you find a spot. Although the area is fairly safe, we don’t recommend leaving any valuables in your car, just in case.

A car parked near the beach
Parking area near Los Almendros


If you are exploring beaches near Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, or other parts of Guanacaste, make sure to add Playa Ocotal to your list. From the relaxing water and shady trees to the famous restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

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