Lake Arenal Sunset Cruise: Wine, Cheese & Views

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Most people visiting La Fortuna are interested in viewing the famous Arenal Volcano. Hiking the old lava flows near the base is one great way to see the volcano. But if you’re looking for a more leisurely experience, try a sunset boat cruise. In this post, we’ll tell you about our experience taking a Lake Arenal sunset cruise.

Lake Arenal Boat Cruise


Lake Arenal is located in Costa Rica’s Northern Highlands. The closest towns are the popular tourist destination of La Fortuna and the lesser known town of Nuevo Arenal.

Boat cruises along Lake Arenal leave from the eastern side of the lake, near the dam. La Fortuna downtown is about 20 minutes from here, while Nuevo Arenal is about 40 minutes away. Here is a link to Google Maps with the location of the dam and boat launch. Keep in mind that you need prior reservations for the tour.

Lake Arenal Sunset Cruise

Meeting Our Guides

We met our guides at the boat launch around 4:30 in the afternoon. Sunset is around 5:45 p.m. in Costa Rica year-round so the idea of the tour is to cruise around the lake a bit then catch sunset at the end.

Coming from Nuevo Arenal, we drove through some light rain showers, but it mostly cleared up by the time we arrived. The weather changes very quickly on the lake so this was typical.

We boarded the sturdy boat with our two young kids in tow. We were soon greeted by Jose, a.k.a. Pico. Jose was a local who grew up in the Arenal area. He introduced us to our captain, nicknamed Kalua. She gave us kind wave, welcoming us aboard, as we took our seats.

Boat Lake Arenal tour
Loading onto the boat

A History Lesson

We gently pulled off the shore and motored south. Lake Arenal is Costa Rica’s largest lake, spanning about 33 square miles (85 sq. km), so there was a lot to explore.

Boat Captain
The captain, Kalua, getting the tour started

Jose began to tell us about the area and how the lake came about.

Lake Arenal is actually manmade. In the late 1970s, the Costa Rican government built a hydroelectric dam, flooding a much smaller natural lake in the same location. Today, this dam produces much of Costa Rica’s electricity.

We also learned some of the history of the mighty Arenal Volcano. With the volcano peeking through the clouds in the distance, Jose recounted stories that his parents and grandparents had told him about the big eruption in 1968.

The story went that previously, Arenal Volcano had been dormant. Then on July 29, 1968, after years of silence, it suddenly came alive. Nearby farms and homes became flooded with lava. Giant rocks engulfed the surrounding land with thick layers of smoke and ash. Almost 100 people living in nearby towns tragically died from the three-day event.

Up until 2010, the volcano was still active, with minor lava flows and smoke, but it hasn’t had any large explosions since 1968. Today, its activity is significantly diminished, though you can sometimes still see a puff of steam from the top.

Cruising the Lake

With some background, Jose left us alone to take in the views.

Even with more rain falling, the scenery was beautiful. Thick rainforest lined the banks of the lake. A Neotropic cormorant sat perched on a dead tree branch in the water.

Bird Lake Arenal
A Neotropic cormorant

The rain started to pick up some more, but we barely noticed. Kalua started going faster, quietly whisking us to a drier spot. Kalua was from the lake area, born and raised, so knew exactly where to take people based on the weather. On Lake Arenal, the weather can change from one moment to the next. It’s even common for it to be raining on one side but not the other.

Raining Lake Arenal
Escaping the rain

As we were gazing at the green shoreline, all of a sudden the boat came to a stop. Right in front of us was Arenal Volcano. Although there were still some clouds, we had a nice view of its giant base.

Arenal Volcano
Arenal Volcano with the top covered in clouds

Wine and Cheese

Jose and Kalua quickly set up a table at the front of the boat facing the volcano. They put out an amazing spread. We enjoyed a delicious white wine from Argentina alongside some charcuterie boards. The kids and adults alike devoured the gorgeous plates of cheese, meats, nuts, hummus, and dips.

Wine and cheese Lake Arenal
Jose getting our wine and snacks ready

Heading Back

Just as we were finishing our drinks and snacks, the rain started harder and we headed back. It was right around sunset, but because of the weather, we wouldn’t be getting much of a sunset view that day. Still, it was a wonderful tour and we would definitely do it again.

Clear view Arenal Volcano
What Arenal Volcano looks like on a clear day – magical!

Booking a Lake Arenal Sunset Cruise

If you’d like to book a tour through the company we used and often send clients to, please use the booking links below. You won’t pay until the reservation is confirmed, and we’ll email you as part of the process. Booking through us costs the same and helps support our website! 

Cost (2024)

Group Tour (12 people max): $94 per person adults, $62 per person children ages 4-11. Rates plus 13% tax. Free for children under 4.

Private Tour (only your family/group): $123 per person adults, $62 per person children ages 4-11. Rates plus 13% tax. Free for children under 4.


4:00 p.m. daily


2.5 hours (includes transportation to the lake)


Round-trip transportation from your hotel or vacation rental in La Fortuna, bilingual naturalist guide, wine and cheese,* and non-alcoholic drinks. 

*Usually, the tour company serves only the cheese/meat board. They can offer hummus/guacamole/bean dip as an alternative for vegetarians/vegans if requested in advance. Just leave us a note when you make your order.

Wine and cheese boat tour

Best Times to Go

The best time of year to catch sunset is February to May when the weather is typically drier. June to September is usually decent as well. Keep in mind that the weather in Arenal can be wet and unpredictable any time of year. The tour is still nice, though, even in less than optimum conditions like we had. The boats have plastic windows that they can pull down in case of heavy rain.

Landscape Lake Arenal
Lush greenery all around


We have done a lot of activities in Costa Rica and the sunset cruise on Lake Arenal was a memorable experience, and one that we would do again. Sipping delicious wine from the bow of a boat overlooking a volcano is something special. We highly recommend this tour if you’re visiting the Arenal area.

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Have you taken a boat cruise on Lake Arenal or do you have a question? Leave a comment below.

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