From the Book: Our Small Plane Ride Adventure

Costa Rica has a lot to offer for the adventure traveler, from zip-lining above the rainforest canopy to white-water rafting and even canyoning (rappelling down waterfalls). People may not think of riding in a small plane as an adventure, but our experiences have proven otherwise.

This video shows a scene from our book, Two Weeks in Costa Rica. After spending a few days exploring the wild jungle and clear waters off of Drake Bay, our vacation was coming to an end. In order to cut down on our travel time home, we booked a flight on a tiny, nineteen passenger Twin Otter back to the capital city of San José. What made this and other small plane rides we have taken in Costa Rica adrenaline pumping was the wind. Approaching San José, the wind whips through the mountains, making landings in light aircraft quite an adventure. Matt managed to capture our landing in this video without Jenn even knowing (be sure to note her white knuckles and clammy face). He then combined it with some footage we took from the ground to give you a feel for the whole ride. Hold on tight!




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