Answer for How to get to Drake Bay?

Hi Hannah, The easiest thing would probably be to drop off the car in Sierpe, take the water taxi to Drake Bay, and then take a small plane from Drake directly to San Jose afterwards. June is the off-season so flights are a little cheaper then (as low as $44)- check out NatureAir or Sansa for flights. There are a couple of rental car companies where you can do drop offs in Sierpe; just be sure when picking a company that they offer that service. 3 we know of are National, Toyota Rent a Car, and Alamo (UPDATE 4/1/2016: Adobe Rent a Car, the company we get a discount through, now allows drop offs in Sierpe as well). You could take the bus back like you suggest but it is a really long trip (around 10 hrs. I believe). Shuttles are available from Sierpe too, but again it’s a really long trip if you drive (around 7-8 hrs.). If you don’t mind flying, it will save you a ton of time and is actually really cool. The views are beautiful! Make sure to check out our new post on Drake Bay before you leave too: Lots of info on there on activities, hotels, and restaurants.