Answer for How far in advance to book accommodations for January?

Hi Heidi and Francis,
Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Costa Rica is a great spot for a honeymoon and it is definitely possible to escape the crowds in January. We’ve been helping people who are coming that same time of year with trip planning, and while things are starting to book up, there is plenty available if you know where to look. We would suggest making your bookings as soon as possible though so that you have the best selection. There will always be things available but if you want your first choice, it’s best to book now. Not sure how you’re planning to get around, but if you want to rent a car, know that those get reserved during late Dec./early Jan. very quickly too. If you run into problems finding lodging, we do offer itinerary planning services and could help you find some awesome off-the-beaten-path places. There’s more info on our website: Let us know if you have any more questions and good luck!


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