Costa Rica’s Vaccine Passport

Last Updated: February 25, 2022

In late 2021, Costa Rica announced a program to start requiring proof of Covid vaccination to enter non-essential businesses. In this post, we will explain the details of Costa Rica’s vaccine passport. We’ll cover the timing, which businesses apply, how tourists are affected, and what kind of proof will be needed.

IMPORTANT UPDATES – QR Code Program Not Moving Forward

February 23, 2022: The Costa Rican government has announced that starting on April 1, businesses will not be required to ask customers for proof of vaccination to enter and can all operate at full capacity. Previously, nonessential businesses had to operate at 50% capacity if they didn’t require vaccination. For now, the government is abandoning this plan and businesses will not be required to ask for proof of vaccination. It is not clear whether some businesses will choose to continue to request proof of vaccination after April 1st. We are following up with some hotels that have been asking for it and will update this post if we learn more. Note that very few businesses have been asking for proof anyway, so this is not a big issue for most visitors.

The QR code program will still be in effect for the month of March, until the new rules start on April 1. See full details of the program below.

February 8, 2022: On February 8, Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court ruled on pending litigation about the QR code program. It held that private businesses have the power to request a QR vaccination code from people who wish to enter.  It found that this does not constitute a discriminatory, unfounded, or unreasonable measure. The Court also noted that the program is voluntary now, in that businesses do not have to require a QR code.

It is our understanding that there is still another court case pending about the QR code.

November 2021: As a result of litigation filed by the tourism industry and others, the government’s plan to implement the QR code vaccine requirement has been put on hold. On November 12, a court in Costa Rica issued a preliminary injunction. This means that the court still needs to hear the merits of the case, where the government will need to show that it is necessary/effective to implement the QR code scheme.

For now, the President’s office announced that starting on December 1, businesses have a choice. They can require proof of vaccination (via a QR code or vaccination card) and operate at 100% capacity, or remain at 50% capacity without requiring proof of vaccination. This will continue until at least March 7, 2022. [Note: Previously, the date was February 7. On January 21, the government announced that the voluntary program would be extended by one month, until March 7.]

Costa Rica Vaccine Passport

Background and Timing

In October 2021, the Costa Rica government announced that it would start requiring full Covid vaccination to enter non-essential businesses. Originally, the mandate was to start on December 1, 2021. However, after getting pushback from the tourism sector, the government agreed to make the requirement more gradual.

Now there is a transition period.

Transition Period: December 1-March 30

Specifically, from December 1- March 30, a business on the list can choose to operate at 100% capacity and require full vaccination to enter. Or they can operate at 50% capacity and not require vaccination. Businesses included are hotels, restaurants, and stores (see full list below). 

This means that for the businesses that decide to operate at full capacity, you will have to show proof of vaccination to enter starting in December.

Sign Vaccination Required Costa Rica
Sign to be displayed at a business that requires full vaccination starting on Dec. 1. It can operate at 100% capacity.

So far, we have heard of a few hotels adopting the 100% capacity mode. This means you will have to be fully vaccinated to enter. Almost all restaurants and stores have chosen not to require proof of vaccination and have limited 50% capacity.

Sign business not requiring vaccination Costa Rica
Sign to be displayed at a business that is NOT requiring full vaccination from Dec. 1-Mar. 30. It can operate at 50% capacity.

If you are not vaccinated and traveling during this transition period (December 1-March 30), contact your hotels to find out their policy.

IMPORTANT: The vaccine mandate currently only applies to people ages 12 and up. Children under 12 are currently exempt. There is also a medical exemption (see below).


As we stated above, the vaccine mandate applies only to people ages 12 and up. Minors ages 11 and under are currently exempt.

Businesses on the List

Basically, the vaccine mandate applies to non-essential businesses. Adventure tourism is also included. Here is the full list:

  • Restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, and food trucks
  • Bars and casinos
  • General stores, department stores, and shopping malls
  • Museums
  • Fitness centers
  • Hotels, cabins, or lodging establishments*

*Most people are including Airbnbs and vacation rentals in this category; however, we have not seen anything official from the government.

  • Spas
  • Activities, organizations, or congregations in places of worship with more than 750 people
  • Event rooms for business, academic, or social activities
  • Adventure tourism (see detailed list in section below)
  • Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies, and establishments for artistic activities
  • Sports facilities

Restaurant Marina Quepos

Businesses Not on the List

Essential services like grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, bakeries, butcher shops, hardware stores, etc. are exempt from the vaccination requirement. But they must remain at 50% capacity. However, these businesses can choose to require proof of vaccination and operate at 100% capacity.

Showing Proof of Vaccination

Businesses will verify vaccination status using QR codes or vaccination cards.

Costa Rican citizens and residents will request a QR code from the government.

Tourists visiting the country will get a QR code as part of the Health Pass. 

QR Code Costa Rica Vaccine Requirement
This is similar to what your QR code will look like

The Health Pass is the online form that you already have to fill out to enter the country. Here, you will upload your vaccination card or certificate and get a specific QR code to show to enter businesses. 

Tourists may also show their foreign vaccination card.

All documents submitted to the Health Pass must be in English or Spanish.

What Does Fully Vaccinated Mean in Costa Rica?


Fully vaccinated in Costa Rica means that you (1) have been vaccinated using an approved vaccine, and (2) you have received the total number of doses recommended by the pharmaceutical company. Booster shots are not required.

The final dose has to have been applied at least 14 days before entry.

Here is the list of approved vaccines:

  • AstraZeneca: 2-dose series
  • Pfizer-BioNTech: 2-dose series
  • Moderna: 2-dose series
  • Johnson & Johnson: single dose
  • Sinovac-CoronaVac: 2-dose series
  • Sinopharm: 2-dose series
  • Covaxin: 2-dose series
Chart Approved Vaccines Costa Rica
List of approved vaccines in Costa Rica. Photo credit: Instituto Costariccense de Turismo

Mixed Vaccines

If you have been vaccinated using two different vaccine brands (e.g., AstraZeneca for first dose and Moderna for second dose), the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has said that this will be considered a complete vaccination as long as the vaccines are both approved. This is explained in the instructions for the Health Pass.

Medical Exemption

The Costa Rica Tourism Board has said that the vaccination requirement does not apply to tourists with a duly accredited medical condition that makes it not possible to be vaccinated. See the FAQs document on their website.

A person with a medical exemption should attach their medical report (in English or Spanish) to the online Health Pass. Then the Tourism Board would review it, confirm that they are exempt for medical reasons, and issue a QR code.

Unvaccinated Tourists

Regarding unvaccinated tourists, the Costa Rica Tourism Board has said tourists who are not fully vaccinated will be able to enter the country. If they are over 18 years of age, they must purchase Covid travel insurance that covers their trip duration (must be at least five days). However, they will not be able to enter businesses that require full vaccination. 

For more information on the required Covid travel insurance, see our post, Costa Rica’s Required Travel Insurance: 15 FAQs.

Using a Negative Covid Test Instead of Proof of Vaccination

The government has said that only proof of vaccination via a QR code or vaccination card will be acceptable. You will not be able to show proof of a recent negative Covid test to enter businesses.

Fully Recovered Travelers

The Tourism Board has said that tourists who have recovered from Covid may meet the requirements. They say that each country has its own mechanism to verify vaccination status, and that tourists must present evidence via the Health Pass.

This includes recovered travelers whose health authority has applied a single dose of a Covid vaccine. See the Tourism Board’s FAQs document, #23, for more information.

Which Adventure Tourist Activities are Included?

Here is the list of adventure tourism activities that will have to require proof of vaccination if the program becomes mandatory:

  • Terrestrial activities such as hiking, mountain biking, trekking, and horseback riding.
  • In-air activities such as ballooning (hot air balloons) and paragliding.
  • Aquatic activities such as rafting, scuba diving, tubing, kayaking, and parasailing.
  • Activities with cables and ropes such as climbing, bungee jumping, rappelling, zip-lining, canyoning, via ferrata, spelunking (caving), high ropes, and pendulum (Tarzan swing).
  • Motorized activities such as ATV, motorcycles, boats, and jet-skis.

Waterfall Rappelling Vaccine Requirement Costa Rica

Updating Information

This issue has been evolving since it was first announced in October. We will continue to follow this issue and the ongoing litigation, and update our article as needed. For the most current information, feel free to follow us on Facebook. We often provide quick updates on there.

Have a question about Costa Rica’s new vaccine passport/vaccination requirements? Ask us below.

IMPORTANT: No personal attacks. While we welcome a constructive debate about the QR code program, we will not allow comments that are personal attacks. No name calling or bullying. We try to keep this website positive and pura vida. Please speak to each other with respect.

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  1. Will Covid health insurance still be required for fully vaccinated visitors? Will the duration of a travel visa go back to 90 days or will it be based solely on return travel ticket date?

    1. Hi Jeff, No, Covid travel insurance is only required for unvaccinated tourists. If you are fully vaccinated, you just have to upload your vaccination card to the health pass. We’ve heard that people are starting to get 90 days visas again, but as always, it’s up to the discretion of the immigration official you get.

      1. Any updates on if the QR code mandates will actually start on March 8?

        Or possibly get postponed again?

        When will we know what the rules will be after March 8?

        Any court case updates?

        1. Hi Erik, We have not heard any update yet about if the March 7 date will be extended but should soon. One of the court cases was resolved last week. The Constitutional Court found that it is not unconstitutional for businesses to ask for proof of vaccination. The other case in the Administrative Court is still pending.

    2. Health Insurance has not been required for Vacccinated for some time. Nothing has changed. Travel Visa can be up to 90 days, but its dependent on the mood of the Immigration official who has full authority to use your return ticket. Place nice and beg for the full 90 regardless of your return ticket. Obtain a 90 day ticket for $12 from OnwardTicket dot com

      1. Hi- We are arriving in CR on April 2, so I don’t think that the Health Pass will still be rquired, but is it a good idea to still complete so we can have a QR code for our proof of vaccination? Also, we can only fill out the pass within 72 hours of our arrival, correct? Thank you.

  2. Hello! Thanks for the information. Your article states the QR code for tourists will be ready November 22, Do you know if the QR code that we received on November 6 be valid? We completed this when we entered the country with proof of vaccine and we received a 90 day visa. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tracey, We think you will need a different QR code to enter businesses. It’s not the same as the one they have been giving out through the health pass up until now. You could follow the Tico Times (online English newspaper) for info and we will update this article with anything we hear. I would try to get a new QR code on Nov. 22, though.

  3. I never expected Costa Rica to buy into this kind of discrimination. This is a very sad time to see people no longer treated humanely by virtue of being human. Instead, the standard will be inhumanity. And the hypocrisy is jarring, when you have prohibition of people due to a shot that doesn’t prevent contagion nor transmission. And fully human natural immunity, which is strong and enduring, is prohibited to recognize. I hope Costa Rica can reclaim itself and will never forget the culture of love and kindness towards others that it has long known.

    1. Christine, I agree with you completely. Costa Rica seemed to be so concerned with Human Rights’ violations, i.e. allowing homosexuals and transgenders the same rights as any other human being so that their dignity would be upheld. As a result, they changed social norms within Costa Rica.

      Forcing an experimental injection on a person who objects out of concern for harm to their body is outrageous. This is truly a Human Rights violation.

      There is a lot of data, albeit hidden and hard to find, showing the harm these vaccinations have caused to the human body.

      Forcing this vaccine on people is a violation of the NUREMBERG RULE adopted after the trial of all Nazi doctors and nurses whose ghastly medical experiments on unwilling subjects caused untold death and suffering to its subjects.

      How the President of Costa Rica and its Healrh Ministry can cast a blind eye to this truth is unimaginable.

      This edict is Satanic and evil. It is so devisive and punishes people who are afraid of the real harm they could suffer taking this vaccine.

      The powers that be state that the “chances” of suffering an adverse effect from the vaccine. Even if this statement were true, they are asking you to play Russian Roulette with your life. How would you feel if you happened to be that 1 out of a 100,000 people?

      Nobody should be forced to take a chance of dying or being permanently disabled.

      Shame on Costa Rica. Instead of being a leader in the world community, they have succumbed to the One Workd Order pressure.

      This edict will kill tourism. Look at the huge protests that are happening all over Europe against this vaccine passport.

      I’m shocked to see that the Costa Ricans are following like sheep and accepting their government’s blatant grab of individual sovereignty and choice.

      Sad, so sad.

      I know I will never return.

        1. I agree N King !
          I keep my eyes focused on the one who already conquered.
          I’m sad to see my fav country CR to follow this horrible garbage .

      1. Any harm done by the vaccine is greatly outweighed by the harm done by those unvaccinated who not only spread the virus but serve as “incubators” where new mutant viruses can develop. While it is an individual choice not to be vaccinated the responsibility of the government to stop those who are prone to be infected from spreading the virus is clear. This is a public health issue the same as has been taken for measles and rubella which are required for kids to enter school so they don’t become vectors for infecting others. For those unvaccinated this is not about YOU but about the rest of us who don’t want your virus. And by the way in the US most of those dying in the ICU ( a very unpleasant death gasping for air) have been unvaccinated. Take your chances with the virus. That’s the real “Russian Roulette”.

    2. I totally agree with you 1000%. Costa Rica went from we are open without a test to vaccine passport medical apartheid really quickly. I guess they weren’t playing along with big pharma and they finally got to them. The fact that these countries continue down this road KNOWING NOW that these shots do not prevent transmission proves that it’s not about our health. More about our QR code’s and social credit scores. I am very disappointed and I pray as you do that this county can reclaim itself.

  4. This is too bad. I will not be traveling to CR or anywhere else that requires it. I am completely recovered from CV and refuse to take a vax that has no control group and hundreds of thousands of injuries and thousands of death. I hope businesses will protest loudly in the streets. Can any business survive at 50% capacity. This is absolutely not sustainable. Terrible.

  5. Is there any information about kids needing to be vaccinated as well to enter restaurants and engage in activities?

    1. Hi Kristina, We included the information about kids in the part about Dec. 1-Jan. 7, but we will add it separately to our article so that it’s easier to find.

      To answer your question, the mandate only applies to kids ages 12 and up. Vaccines aren’t even available in Costa Rica yet for kids ages 5-12. And even for ages 12-17, the government just announced that proof of vaccination will not be required until Jan. 31. So in summary, starting Jan. 31, it will be required only for kids ages 12 and up. I hope that helps with your question!

  6. Is submitting the covid vaccine card to health pass still limited to 48 hours before traveling to Costa Rica?

  7. I see that the final vaccine is due fourteen days prior to entry into CR. We are fully vaccinated with our boosters already given in October. Do we have to get another vaccine in that fourteen day period prior to entering CR?

    1. Hi Virginia, The requirement is that the last shot be given at least 14 days prior to arrival. So you could have been vaccinated before that time. It just has to be 14 days minimum. They just want to be sure the vaccine will have fully taken effect. So in your case, you’re all set.

  8. This saddens me. I’m fully vaccinated but refuse to visit any places that participate in this form of discrimination. My 7 year old son asked me the other day about when we can return to Costa Rica. He (and we) loved it so much! We had even discussed a return trip next year. Sadly it seems we’ll have to postpone that indefinitely.
    And, by the way, these rules also make no sense because the vaccine does not prevent infection nor transmission. I’ve been sick with COVID for about 2 weeks and will come out of my official quarantine today.
    I sincerely hope the people stand up to this the way they are in the States.

  9. My family and friends who are planning our third trip to Costa Rica in January are very appreciative of these requirements. We live in a U.S. city with vaccine mandates for restaurants, gyms and other businesses which make us feel much safer and has allowed many businesses to enjoy a resurgence of customers. I am impressed with the public health system in Costa Rica and with the government’s efforts to control the spread of Covid. I feel safer now with our travel plans, safer than a trip to Texas!

  10. This is so sad! We own a house in Jaco that we may never see again. We have chosen NOT to get jabbed, and now we face discrimination and even hatred from the uneducated sheep that have the mistaken belief that being jabbed makes you immune. In Canada we read about airline flights that have had a Covid exposure. Ask yourself-how is this possible if only jabbed people can fly? The mRNA drugs were never meant to provide immunity, just to lessen symptoms. Flying for at least 7 hours to CR from Vancouver would be a big risk for anyone who is afraid of getting Covid.
    I am more afraid of getting exposed to Covid from jabbed people who think they are completely immune and blindly go on about their business ignoring symptoms they may have because they couldn’t possibly be Covid!

    1. Agree 100%. It is unbelievable the segregation that is happening when the jabs do not even work and in fact can be very harmful. This is not about our health.

  11. After seeing a local man in my town become partially paralyzed from the vaccine it only reinforced my decision not to get it, especially when covid -19 is preventable by taking sufficient zinc, vit. D3, vit. C, quercitin and ivermectin which is cheap and easy to get in Costa Rica. (more info. about natural prevention at

    I traveled back and forth to CR twice at the hight of the pandemic before we had vaccines and with immune supporting herbal and nutritional supplements I was just fine. I would love to return this winter, but not willing to risk taking a vaccine which has killed or disabled many more people than we hear about. I hope that they don’t require it for entry into the country.

    1. And the crazy vaccine misinformation continues.

      Vaccines work. They prevent hospitalizations and death. Yes, there are side-effects, but they are nothing in comparison with contracting Covid-19. They would prevent new variants if people would only get them.

      Ivermectin does not (this is a virus not a parasite). Vitamins do nothing. Herb supplements – really?

      Come on people. Wake up!

      1. Viruses are obligate intracellular PARASITES. Ivermectin blocks viral replication in vitro and over 135 clinical studies have been done, 90% of which show benefit at preventing or reducing symptoms when given early. Vaccines can also work, but do not make sense for the young and healthy the risk is greater than the disease for under 35 year olds without preexisting conditions.

      2. Ivermectin also has antiviral and anti inflammatory properties and is being used in many different countries including the USA to treat covid- 19 . The treatment protocol for ivermectin in Covid. is on the NIH website. My parents doctor has been using it successfully in treating and preventing Covid since the pandemic began including very ill patients.

        Colin Powell, died of Covid. complications and had been fully vaccinated.

  12. Hi Matt,
    I think the Health Pass needs to be completed 72 hours from the time of arrival in CR. I got this information from the official website: I am relieved that the requirement for vaccines is in place and helps people there feel safe from visitors (and locals) as many people in CR live in areas without easy access to hospitals. For many of us privileged people it’s a beautiful destination whereas for many of them it’s their only home and if that’s their choice for remaining safe I fully respect that choice.

    Here’s what the website previously mentioned states:

    1. Complete the digital form called HEALTH PASS and available at

    The Health Pass can only be completed within 72 hours of arriving in the country. It must be accessed in updated browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer. One form must be completed per person, including minors, without exception.

    Thank you for all the information you provide!

  13. Jenn & Matt,

    Sad to see that some will use whatever forum available to push their personal points of view, right or wrong. I for one appreciate the effort you put into providing these “information” updates, which can then be used by anyone, to make a decision whether too visit CR or not.

    By the way, we have already made ours, see you in the first week of Jan. 🙂

    Again, thank you both for your time and efforts.

    Stay Safe.

  14. Hello! I have learned so much from your blog. My husband and I have reservations in two different resorts in December. Our travel agency is telling us that we cannot stay at one of the resorts if we are unvaccinated. I have personally called the resort and they have assured me that we are allowed. The travel company is basically wanting us to just cancel altogether. What, if any, is your advice? And, please don’t advise me to pursue the vaccine. It is a personal, well-educated medical and religious objection.

    1. Hi Misty, If the resort has told you that you can stay, then we don’t understand why your travel agent would be saying that. That is strange. The resort must be operating at 50% capacity for December so that it doesn’t have to enforce the QR code. Maybe ask the resort to send you an email confirming so that you have it in writing to show your travel agent. The travel agency may be confused about Costa Rica’a rules (since they are confusing). January 8 is the date where unvaccinated travelers are only supposed to be permitted to enter the country to visit friends, family or stay in their own homes. But this isn’t supposed to take effect until January. December is part of the transition period.

    2. Misty – Would love to know what your experience was during your trip. We are headed there in February and a bit nervous with the new regulations.

      1. Molly, we had an absolutely amazing time! Because we were there during the transition time, no one cared about our vaccination status, except for filling out the QR code questionnaire. The Ticos and Ticas (native Costa Ricans) are the most amazing people I’ve ever been around. They are so happy to have tourists coming back. The two resorts we visited were still operating at 50% capacity, so they were not requiring vaccination. The restaurants, tour companies, etc., were still not either. On shuttles, tour vans, etc., we were asked to wear masks, but it was very relaxed. The two resorts were the most insistent about wearing them in public spots, and into and out of restaurants. Because we had made our reservations so long in advance, our final resort actually provided our PCR test to return. I believe people that made more recent reservations had to pay out-of-pocket. We were fortunate to test negative at the resort the day prior to returning and that was all handled very professionally. We did have the insurance, even though one of us was vaccinated, but we always buy travel insurance for such big trips. I don’t feel our trip was limited in anyway. The worst part was having to wear masks in such hot temperatures, but it is what it is. We will definitely be returning in the future. We absolutely loved Costa Rica!

  15. For those tourists who are already here in CR, where can they get vaccinated if they so chose? Also any updates about the injunction would be much appreciated. I’m still hopeful this gets shut down before it gets enacted. CR has a long history of politicians trying to pass unconstitutional laws and then having the courts nullify them.

    1. Hi Siggy, Tourists can go to an EBAIS and see if they can get it. They were vaccinating anyone in October regardless of immigration status but we’re not sure they’re still doing that.

      We updated our article regarding the injunction yesterday so you can check that out. Not much has changed really.

  16. Hopefully this ridiculous and immoral requirement is overturned by the courts. As a student coming to CR to study at UPeace, it would be extremely unfortunate to be discriminated against because of my religious beliefs and the fact I have already recovered from covid. I would have to either cancel my whole trip or live as a second class citizen. While it may make some idiots feel safer( covid “vaccines” don’t stop the spread, only help reduce serious symptoms unlike real vaccines which have undergone decades of testing before being used on the public) it will undoubtedly be a big hit for the tourist industry. If you want the jab, get it… if you don’t, don’t get it. Forcing people to choose between their livelihoods and medical procedures they don’t want is inhumane and completely insane. Notice how this QR code scheme is being implemented around the world at the same time….it is not about safety, it is about ushering in a new era of government control. Next step is Chinese style Social credit scores unless the people refuse this authoritarianism

  17. Thanks for the info! I read a few weeks ago kids 12 and up will need to be vaccinated but I am recently reading only 18 and up. I hope this is the case!? Please let me know what youve heard, traveling in spring to Westin Reserva.

    1. Hi Megan, It keeps changing. First, it was 12 and up will need to show proof of vaccination starting in December. Then they delayed that until January 31. Now they are saying all minors won’t need to show proof but they are only talking about the period up until February 7. So we aren’t sure what will happen after that. Presumably, the court proceeding should have made some progress by then so that we will know if the whole idea of having a QR code/requiring proof of vaccination will happen. We will update this page as we hear more.

  18. Hi!
    I am planning up to visit Costa Rica in January. As I understand now is that I do not need a PCR test to fly from Europe and to enter Costa Rica, when I am fully vaccinated. Is that correct? That would be very nice :).
    I am fully vaccinated with the vaccins that are on the list of the costa rica gov ).

    1. Hi Bowan, That’s correct. Costa Rica does not require a Covid test to enter. If your flight back to Europe after goes through the US, you will need a Covid test for that, though.

  19. Hello! Great information on your page! Thank you! I am receiving conflicting information about the January 8 vaccine passport. Some say it has not been approved yet others say it is definite. Needing to make a decision in the next few days about travel to Nosara in the early Spring. Thank you for any news!

      1. Dear Jenn and Matt

        thanks for the great updates you share with us. it’s really not easy to find good information and experiences from local people online regarding the corona situation and especially now with this 1G rule. Many things are unclear and there is no offical homepage where to find the requested information with further updates.

        do you may know by chance when the next update can be expected, whether the deadline will be extended or not? what is your gut feeling, will the deadline be extended or not? Is there an official homepage where the information can be found when the next announcment can be expected? we have vacation booked for march.

        do you know how the situation is with the hotels at the moment; is it easy to find unvaccinated hotels or do most hotels already require now proof of vaccination?

        we will definitely continue to follow you and are already waiting for the next updates.

        thank you very much for your great work, it is very much appreciated!

        1. Hi Nicole, The case is still pending in court so what has been happening is the President of Costa Rica keeps extending the current rule, which is to keep the vaccination requirement voluntary. After he makes an announcement, you can find the information officially on the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT)’s website. They say now about the February date on the main page and also have a helpful FAQs pdf at the bottom of the page. Sometimes they are slow to update the information. We try to update on our site within a day or two so keep checking back here.

          Most hotels are not requiring proof of vaccination right now. We only know of two that are – Tabacon and the Nayara, both in Arenal.

          Not sure if anything will happen between now and March. Things tend to happen slowly here so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets extended in February again.

          1. Hello dear, it seems impossible to find news about what will happen after the 7th of February, about the Covid Certificate rules in non-essential services, but the date is approaching!
            The VisitCostaRica website goes only up to the 7th of February, then stop…and any otherwebsites…Do you have please a link to see the latest “truth” about it?
            Thank you!

          2. Hi Filippo, Unfortunately, there is no new news right now. This is because the issue is pending in a court case. The government is waiting for the court to rule on whether they can require it, so they have set the Feb. 7 date. If the court has not ruled by then, it will likely get pushed back more. We will update this article with any new information.

  20. The die has been cast.. Either implement discrimination to appease the intolerant who engage in it, or allow freedom and appease those who believe in that ideal.

    CR cannot win either way. A gamble has been made, either way the country suffers..

    The question remains, who is more likely to come and spend their money here? The intolerant or the free?

  21. Do you know or heard of anyone who has fully recovered from COVID in the last 90 days of their visit to CR being granted a Health Visa QR Code and treated as fully vaccinated?

    I would like to get a document of recovery from my doctor with proof of antibodies as an alternate solution since I recently had COVID.

    I hope to hear good news from you that this is an available option.

    1. Hi Christian, We don’t think this is possible, unfortunately. It seems the only way to get the QR code for entering businesses requiring vaccination is to show that you are fully vaccinated.

      1. Hi Jenn and Matt. Thank you for the updates. I am curious if you have a link available that shows the latest announcement to extend til 3/7. I would like to monitor this news as well, since I have an important event a couple weeks later. Thank you for the updates thus far, they are very helpful!

  22. Jenn and Matt – Thank you so much for this helpful information. Question for you. Do you know what is considered a duly accredited medical condition? I can’t seem to find any information on the guidelines for this.

    1. Hi Molly, I don’t the government has clarified this. We would assume that they would want to see a letter from a doctor saying that you have a medical condition that makes you unable to receive a Covid vaccine. The letter needs to be in English or Spanish.

  23. Well this is a bummer. We went last year. Had Covid in October. Live in the US. Were going to go again for spring break this year. But this is ridiculous. You need a shot for horseback riding??? Appreciate your blog. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jenn and Matt. I’m being told some places aren’t letting people in with physical vaccine cards in hand. I don’t want to carry around my phone so it’s not stolen. They will give me a new card for free but they won’t give me a new cell phone for free. Why are businesses not complying and allowing physical cards to be used?

      1. Hi Chris, We haven’t heard this ourselves but that’s unfortunate. Really not many businesses outside San Jose are requiring vaccination. Where we ive near Jaco no one has ever required it, and we are traveling for work now, and in Guancaste, it hasn’t been required yet either. You could print out the information from the Costa Rica ICT website, which says that vaccination cards are permitted to show to those businesses. Here’s the link.

  24. Hi! When filling out the health pass, there is only two fields for the vaccination times. ( and the option is none vaccinated,1 shot or two). We have had 3 shots however- should we use the last two times (second and third shot) we got the dose or we should put the first 2 times we got the shot in the health pass?

    Thank you!

  25. Hi Jenn and Matt,

    We have a family trip planned to Los Suenos staying at the Marriott Feb 17-21. Should we worry about our unvaccinated 12 year old being able to enter the Hotel? Restuarants? Zip lining ect. ? We saw the transition period was extended to March 7th but it is hard to find practical information about what is happening on the ground. Should we consider canceling the trip?

    1. Hi Chris, You should ask the Marriott if they are requiring vaccination to stay. They would be the only thing to worry about. If you go out to eat, shop, etc. in Jaco, no businesses will require it (we live in that area). We don’t know of any tour companies in the Jaco area requiring it either.

  26. Hello. We are planning to travel from the UK in April 2022 with our 14 and 12 year old children. Our 14 year old will be double vaccinated but our 12 year old will only have had one vaccine. From what I’ve read, it looks like this will be fine at the moment but they may change the rules after March 7th – is this right? Any insight into what decision they might make? I’ve read somewhere that they may allow children with just one vaccine…? I’m following your facebook page for updates, thanks so much for all the helpful info, love this site

    1. Hi Kathryn, They recently changed it so that children ages 12-17 need to be fully vaccinated under the QR code program. So if it takes effect before your trip, your 12 year old won’t be able to get the QR code.

      We haven’t heard anything about what will happen after March 7. Seems like it will keep getting pushed out but you never know. We expect them to make an announcement about this in the next week or two.

  27. Hello everyone,

    I am unvaccinated and would like to go to Costa Rico. How enforced are the vaccine passports? Do a lot of restaurants/activities check your vaccine passport?

    1. Hi Jessica, Since the program is still voluntary and businesses don’t have to do it, very few are requiring vaccination. We only know of a handful of hotels (Tabacon, Nayara, and Holiday Inn Express SJO). Some restaurants in San José are but not many anywhere else. Very few businesses overall right now. But that could change if the program ever becomes mandatory.

  28. Hi there!
    just curious if there is a way to avoid the health pass all together? For entry into CR? Don’t want any info on QR code if I don’t have to… would be going to CR end of Feb to beg of March

  29. I hope you get this message. Thank you for your rapid response. I was hoping that maybe pass was not imposed since they are undecided in courts about other mandates. On fence since I don’t want my health status to be in a system. but would love to attend my cousin’s wedding… Thank you for having such a wonderful and informative site! This is a great space.

  30. Hi, we’re travelling from the UK to Costa Rica in April 2022 and staying in MA, Monteverde, and Arenal (in airbnbs, vrbo etc). Our 14 year old has had 2 vaccinations but our 12 year old will only have had one. Will he be allowed to stay in the properties and visit restaurants, do canopy tours etc.?

    Many thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Alex, The government just announced that’s it’s not moving forward with making the QR code program mandatory for businesses. You can go back to our article and read the update at the top for more details, but your son will be all set.

  31. Hello, Is there any way to check the status of QR code request? I am a resident and was vaccinated in the US. I Completed the required forms and documents and sent to the ministries website on 12/27/21 and resubmitted again on 1/14/22. Still have not recieve any response.

    1. Hi Tom, Yes, you can use this website to check. One of us was vaccinated in the US as well and had to follow the same procedure. We’re now showing up in the CR government system through the link we just gave and have a QR code. Usually they enter your information based on your passport number if you were vaccinated abroad so try that if DIMEX doesn’t work.

  32. Hello,
    I will be travelling from Switzerland to Costa Rica in April.
    My son will be 13 years old. We wanted to get him vaccinated for the trip as he does not have to be here in Switzerland, but he caught covid last week.
    As he has recovered from covid now, does he still need to get vaccinated in order to access hotels, restaurants,…?
    I can not find the information for sure.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Stephane, Not sure if you have heard, but since you commented, the Costa Rica government announced that it will no longer be implementing the vaccination program starting on April 1. We have provided more details in our post (at the beginning) if you are curious. But you won’t have any problems coming with your son in April.

  33. Hi. We will be traveling to CR on March 18, 2022 for two weeks. Can you tell me if we will be required to purchase the health insurance with April being only a couple of weeks away?
    Also, do all the National Parks require you to purchase tickets online ahead of time?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Shelley, In the past, immigration has required visitors to comply with the entry requirements as of the day they enter for the duration of their trip. So in your case, they would require insurance for your time here in both March and April. The actual immigration officer you get may not require this but we wouldn’t risk getting held up at the airport and having to buy additional insurance.

      No, you only have to buy tickets online to certain national parks. You can find the list on the government website:

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