Costa Rica’s Required Travel Insurance: 15 FAQs

Last Updated: February 25, 2022

Traveling to Costa Rica has gotten a lot easier. With no negative Covid test required anymore, there are only two things to show. One is proof of travel insurance that covers Covid medical and possible quarantine costs, if you have not been vaccinated. The other is to fill out an online epidemiological form called the Health Pass. In this post, we’ll give you the specific requirements for Covid travel insurance in Costa Rica, let you know your options, and answer some frequently asked questions.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On February 23, 2022, the government eliminated the Covid entry requirements and made some other key changes. Specifically, starting on April 1:

1. The health pass will no longer be required for entry. That means the regular entry requirements will go into effect (proof of leaving the country within 90 days, valid passport, etc.). Costa Rica already does not require a negative Covid test to enter.

2. Travel insurance will not be required for unvaccinated visitors.

Until April 1, the current insurance requirements described below will remain in effect.

FAQs Costa Rica Requirement Covid Travel Insurance

Costa Rica Travel Insurance Requirements

Since health care in Costa Rica is socialized, the government wants to make sure that all visitors are financially covered if they contract Covid-19 during their trip. To that end, you must show a travel insurance policy to enter that meets certain criteria. UPDATE (July 9, 2021): If you have been fully vaccinated, the insurance requirement does not apply to you. As of August 1, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers and all minors (under 18) do not need to show Covid travel insurance. The specific requirements are detailed below in Question 1.

If you do need travel insurance, you can go through an approved Costa Rican insurance company. Or you can choose any international insurance policy that meets the requirements.

For the Costa Rican options, the policy must provide $20,000 USD per person to cover Covid-19 medical expenses. If you use an international insurance company instead, the policy must cover $50,000 USD per person.

You also need $2,000 USD per person in accommodation coverage in case of quarantine. The amount is the same no matter if you choose a Costa Rican or international insurer. This $2,000 coverage is what many international travel insurance policies are missing. There are some good options, though. We will cover them below.  

FAQs About Covid Travel Insurance

I’m fully vaccinated. What do I need to show to avoid purchasing Covid travel insurance?

As of August 1, 2021, you do not need to show Covid travel insurance to enter Costa Rica, provided you meet certain requirements.

You need to show proof of full vaccination (two doses) through a record or vaccination card. The vaccines that are approved in Costa Rica are Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac-CoronaVac, Sinopharm, or Covaxin. These are the only approved vaccines.

The document/vaccination card must include:

  • Your full name
  • Date you received each dose. *The last dose must have been administered at least 14 days prior to travel.
  • Formula (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac-CoronaVac, Sinopharm, or Covaxin)

You will still need to fill out the online health pass.

You will upload your vaccination card or vaccination certificate to the health pass in advance. A hard copy is not required. This is according to the Costa Rica Tourism Institute’s (ICT) website

Note: If you are vaccinated and the Health Pass is still asking for proof of insurance, select International Policy and upload your vaccination card. You should be able to get a QR code. A reader asked the Costa Rica Tourism Board about this glitch and this is what they suggested.

What about minors?

As of August 1, 2021, all children under 18 do not need to show Covid travel insurance to enter. This is regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

I am not vaccinated. How much insurance should I purchase? This is important.

Your insurance will need to cover you for your entire trip duration. It should match the dates of your plane tickets in and out of Costa Rica.

An Immigration official at the airport will stamp your passport for the exact number of days you have insurance. So be sure to buy as many days as you would like to remain in the country. For example, if you are flying in on March 1 and flying out on March 28, you will need to purchase insurance for 27 days. They will give you a visa stamp for exactly 27 days.

Although it is possible to extend your visa up to a total of 90 days once you are here, this is not an easy task. You can read more about the process here.

If you think you may extend your stay, we highly recommend purchasing a plane ticket upfront for that amount of time and purchasing travel insurance to match. This will get you as much time on your visa as you will possibly need. The maximum amount is 90 days. Many people have been scrambling to try to get their visas extended after deciding last minute to add time to their stay.

What are the Costa Rican insurance options? What are their rates?

Three companies are approved to offer Covid travel insurance in Costa Rica, INS, Sagicor, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Costa Rica. INS is the government insurance company. Sagicor and Blue Cross Blue Shield Costa Rica are private companies.

Sagicor covers the $20,000 in Covid medical expenses, but $4,000 in accommodation expenses, so double what is required.

Sagicor charges a flat rate of $11.30 per person per day or $22.60 for people over age 70. They also have family rates that range from $10.60-$11.10 per person per day.

To give you an idea, that’s about $80 for 7 days. If you’re over 70, it’s about $160.

INS’ rates vary based on age, trip length, etc. Usually it is cheaper for longer visits than Sagicor. INS covers $20,000 in medical expenses. For accommodation expenses, there are two policy options. One covers $2,000 and the other $4,000.

To give you an idea of cost, for a 45-year old traveling 7 days, the premium is $132 for the less expensive INS plan with limited coverage. For a 65-year old, the premium is $180. If you extend the trip out to 60 days, it becomes more affordable ($192 total for the 45-year old and $263 for the 65-year old).

INS Travel Insurance Screenshot
Screenshot of the INS website


Blue Cross Blue Shield covers $20,000 in medical expenses and $2,500 in accommodation expenses. It charges based on trip duration only. To give you an idea, a 7-day trip costs $71.46, a 14-day trip costs $142.93, and a 30-day trip costs $295.45. Here is a link to a chart with the exact rates (scroll down).

How can I buy a policy from one of the Costa Rican companies?

You can go directly through their websites (see above for links).

Alternatively, you can go through a local broker for no additional cost. These brokers resell insurance. A good one will be knowledgeable about the product they are selling and be able to assist you if you need to file a claim. Brokers can be very helpful for understanding policy coverage and exclusions. They also can get you a quote so that you won’t have to navigate the insurance company’s website. The INS website is very difficult to use.

What is the benefit of using a Costa Rican insurance company?

The Costa Rican companies have been preapproved by the government to offer travel insurance. When you fill out your online Health Pass prior to your flight, all you will have to do is enter your INS, Sagicor, or BCBS policy number. These policies will be automatically accepted for entry into Costa Rica.

What is the verification process for international insurance?

If you go with an international insurance company, you will need a certificate (in English or Spanish), stating that your policy:

  • is valid for your visit to Costa Rica.
  • guarantees coverage for medical expenses associated with Covid-19 in Costa Rica, for at least $50,000 (US dollars).
  • includes at least $2,000 for extended lodging expenses due to Covid-19.

These requirements can be found on the Costa Rica Tourism Board’s website.

Some international insurance companies will automatically provide this certificate for you. They already have insurance products that are specifically made for Costa Rica. For others, you will need to ask for the certificate.

You will then upload the certificate to your online Health Pass, and a QR code will be generated automatically.

If you choose an international insurance company that has been readily used in the past, you can rest assured that your insurance will be accepted for entry. See below for options on international insurers that travelers have frequently used.

I am nervous about my international policy? How can I verify it in advance?

You can email the Tourism Board to make sure your policy will meet Costa Rica’s requirements. Their email is

What are some international insurance options that people have successfully used?

Costa Rica’s borders have been open to the world since November 1, 2020, so we have a very good idea now of what international insurance options are accepted for entry. Below is a list.

We have not used these companies ourselves so please be sure to do your own due diligence to ensure that the specific policy you’re buying meets the requirements and you are comfortable. Make sure they cover at least $50,000 in medical expenses for Covid-19 and $2,000 in accommodations due to quarantine.

Trawick International is the most popular because of their affordable rates. It seems to be the option that most people are using. For US residents, Trawick offers the Safe Travels Voyager plan. This plan is available for residents of all US states, except New Hampshire. For travelers from other countries (not the US), Trawick has the Safe Travels International plan and Safe Travels International Cost Saver plan. Trawick covers the mandatory $2,000 accommodation coverage under Trip Delay.

Other international insurance companies that people have used include Insubuy, Travel Guard Preferred, and Seven Corners. Seven Corners offers coverage for residents of almost every country, with some exclusions. 

*Note: If you purchase a Trawick insurance policy through the links above, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support our site and allows us to keep this information up to date. Thank you!

Canadian Residents: For Canadians, we have heard of people entering with TuGo, Manulife, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. For BCBS, people have requested a confirmation letter from them saying that it covers Covid and the $2,000 USD accommodation expense. The Trawick Safe Travels International and Safe Travels International Cost Saver plans (mentioned above) also work for Canadians.

If you know of another insurance option, please let us know in the comments below.

Should I go with a Costa Rican insurance company or an international company?

The international insurance policies tend to cover more for less money.

Some of the Costa Rican insurance policies are only available in Spanish, which can be difficult to understand in the event you need to file a claim.

If you do have to file a claim, medical facilities accept Costa Rican insurance more easily. While for international insurance, most likely, you will have to pay upfront and be reimbursed later on.

How far in advance should I purchase my travel insurance?

You should receive your certificate of insurance within hours after purchasing the policy online. Most companies will send it by email within 24 hours.

Still, we would recommend getting the insurance at least four days or so before your trip. You can fill out the online Health Pass starting 72 hours before your flight. That will give you an additional two days in case you encounter any problems.

Is my QR code enough or should I bring the paper insurance documents?

Once you enter all the information into the online Health Pass, you will receive the QR code. During check in at the airport, the airline will want to scan your QR code. You will have received this by email so you can easily download it to your phone to show. The code also will be scanned in Costa Rica by officials when you arrive.

While this is most likely all you will need, it is still a good idea to have a paper copy of your insurance certificate if you’re using international insurance, just in case.

QR Code Entering Costa Rica
This is what your QR code will look like

What if my insurance is not accepted when I arrive in Costa Rica?

You will be given the option of purchasing a policy from one of the Costa Rican insurance companies. The Tourism Board will be at the airport to assist you.

If I decide to extend my trip, can I purchase additional insurance?

Yes, but some companies will not let you extend an existing policy or purchase a new policy once you are in Costa Rica. Sagicor will let you purchase additional days with certain conditions.

Will my travel insurance cover the cost of a Covid test? My home country requires it to get back.

Most policies will not cover Covid testing for travel purposes. They should cover it, though, if you think you have contracted Covid.

For an up-to-date list of testing facilities, read our post, Where to Get a Covid-19 Test in Costa Rica.

I own a home in Costa Rica. Do I need the $2,000 accommodation coverage?

Immigration has not issued anything official about this, but many non-residents have entered Costa Rica with proof of home ownership to avoid the $2,000 accommodation coverage. We have heard that they have shown their deed or a letter from a lawyer. Here is a link to a useful article with more information.

You will still need to show proof of coverage for Covid medical expenses.


We hope this article has answered your questions about Costa Rica’s travel insurance requirement. While it adds one step to your trip preparation, once you get here, you’ll be able to rest easy and enjoy your vacation. It will be well worth the effort!    

Do you have a question about the required travel insurance? Ask it below.

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      1. Thanks for the post!

        My friends and I are flying down to Liberia then immediately driving to Nicaragua. Same on the way out. We will be in Costa Rica for ~6 hours total. Do we need insurance still? If so, is it possible to only get it for the days we are flying?

        1. Hi Tom, Yes, you will need the insurance for just the one day you will be in Costa Rica. You could get two separate policies I think to cover you for the one day on each end of your trip. Will be very cheap!

      2. My mom is traveling from El Salvador to Costa Rica. . She’s already vaccinated but with Senovac which is not on the official list.
        Will she be allowed to enter the country if she buys a health coverage?

        1. Hi Evelyn, Yes, if she buys Covid health insurance that meets the requirements, she will be able to enter. You don’t have to be vaccinated (or be vaccinated with an approved vaccine) to enter. You just have to have the travel insurance.

      3. Hi Matt, we got your shuttle service on 12/11 for five night stay. We want to buy Insurance from BCBS, but it said “we had problem” in the payment page. Have you heard this problem?

        1. Hi Maria, We’ve never heard of that happening. You could check your credit card and try again if the charge didn’t go through. Maybe the bank system they use was down momentarily so they couldn’t charge the card.

      4. If I am in Costa Rica and leaving in two days can I purchase insurance in case I am tested positive for COVID. I will be returning to U.S.

    1. Did Trawick send you information you could readily upload to the Pase de Salud? Did you get a QR code and pass easily through immigration? We used INS in October, but Trawick is almost one third the price.

  1. Hello from Germany! Thank you very much for all the information. Our family insurance covers all medical expenses, in case we would get sick abroad. But they won’t pay for quarantine accomadations. Is there a insurance, Who is just covering the quarantine part? We don’t want to pay more than we have to.
    We are kind of lost. Can you help us out?

    1. Hello Annika. I also have family insurance that covers me abroad. What proof did you have to show when entering Costa Rica?

  2. hi Matt and Jenn, thanks for all your super interesting and helpful articles! I am flying to CR on 13th March. I just wanted to check what vaccines are required to enter the country? thank you

    1. Hi Tom, The Costa Rica government doesn’t require any vaccinations to enter if you are coming from North America.

      Here is a link to what the CDC recommends you get:

      Practically speaking, I don’t think many people take malaria medication because it is extremely rare here. Same for the Hepatitis A vaccine and typhoid. You should be up to date on all route vaccinations, though. Hope that helps!

  3. We went with the Trawick coverage for upcoming trip. It also includes colisión damage for our rental car (I’ve read through the article about rental car insurance, thank you for that!). My question is, is there any specific for or letter we need to provide at the rental desk to prove we have this coverage. I’ve read from several sources that if using credit card coverage you need a letter from the company. Is that also true for the travel insurance coverage. If so does the insurance policy document outlying coverages count?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Matt, You will have to check with the rental car company you are going through to see if they will accept Trawick to let you decline the CDW. We asked the company that we work with, Adobe Rent a Car, and they said that they do not have a business relationship with that company and that there is no local representative in Costa Rica from Trawick. So they would not be able to accept it. They work with all the major credit card companies that provide CDW coverage like Visa, MasterCard and American Express so that’s why they can accept their coverage. So we’d reach out to whoever you rented through to see what they say.

  4. Thanks so much for all this information. I followed your advice and registered for INS insurance. After filling the form in the internet, I received an email from INS with the Police. It says: Este correo es solo de una póliza cotizada, una vez realizado el pago se le enviará un nuevo correo con las condiciones particulares de la póliza.
    Assuming I have to pay it before travelling… could you help me understand how? I could also forward this email to you, in case you can help.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristin, We’re not sure. When you go through the INS website to buy the insurance, on the screen after you select which policy you like, there should be a box at the bottom to buy it (it says “comprar”). Then when you click that, it brings you to a screen to enter your credit card number. Did you get any kind of email confirmation from them? I guess you could see if there is a way to pay it through that. If you can’t figure it out, we highly recommend going through a local insurance agent in Costa Rica. They will be able to send you the quote directly and walk you through the process. Best Insurance Costa Rica, which we give info about in our article, is a good one.

  5. We are flying in from the U.K. on 9th Dec 2021 , our English insurance covers up to £2000000 would this cover us ?

    1. Hi Deborah, We converted that into US dollars and it came out to $2,761,390, so yes, that’s more than enough in medical coverage assuming it covers Covid. But you will still need to make sure the policy specifically covers accommodation expenses in the event of quarantine for $2,000 USD.

      Since it seems like this is not an insurance company people are widely using to enter CR (we haven’t heard of anyone using English insurance but that doesn’t necessarily mean no one has), we would recommend contacting the Tourism Board in advance to make sure it meets the requirements so there are no surprises later on. Their email is

  6. Have you heard reports of anyone recently having trouble getting the green QR code with Trawick’s Safe Travels Voyager plan? The plan reports to cover the government requirements, but I saw on a review site that a traveler was denied entry in late Feb and had to buy the Sagicor plan in the airport. The review also stated that the airport officials commented that he was not the only one who got stuck at the airport with the Trawick plan. Thanks for all your info and help!

    1. Hi Sarah, We haven’t heard of anyone having problems entering with any of the Trawick plans. We personally know people who have used it for entry into Costa Rica within the past few weeks. In addition, we follow many groups on Facebook for people who live here and also travel here. People are still constantly recommending Trawick as who they used to get it. I can’t imagine what could have happened with that person who says they had to buy Sagicor. The Trawick policy (Safe Travels Voyager) explicitly covers $250,000 in medical expenses, which includes Covid, and $2,000 in accommodation expenses. I don’t think anything has changed with the policy recently and they are still issuing a letter to show CR Immigration/upload to the health pass after you buy a policy. Maybe the person didn’t add the insurance letter to the health pass and then didn’t have a copy available once they arrived in Costa Rica? There must be more to the story.

      1. You’re probably right, that there is more to the story about not getting in with the Trawick plan. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me. I’ve been researching and worrying about making sure we get in successfully. As for many people, this is a rescheduled and long-awaited trip. Your expertise puts me at ease; thank you again.

  7. Thanks Jenn and Matt!
    Great info as we get ready for 1st trip to CR. Staying at a friend’s place in Playa Hermosa. Deciding between a driver from the airport or renting a car at San Jose through Hertz ($200 for 8 days). We get in at 3 p.m. Driver would also be our guide but we plan on chilling at the beach the first few days.. Do they have Uber if we wanted to go to restaurants etc?

  8. Hi there! I have a letter from my insurance in the states stating that through their “plan partner, Travel Assist” costs are covered up to $1,000,000. But it’s just a letter from my insurance company and it says nothing specifically about covid coverage or the 2k in case of quarantine. Will this suffice? If not and if I reach out to them to say to include this information, will a letter alone then be enough? Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela, No, that won’t be enough. You’ll need a letter that expressly says that Covid is covered and also that The policy covers $2k in accommodation expenses due to quarantine because of Covid. If you have a letter saying this, that should be enough to upload to the health pass. If you have any doubts, you could email the Costa Rica Tourism Board in advance through the email we give in our article. Hope that helps!

  9. Hi. We are thinking about moving to Costa Rica with two kids, ages 11 and 13. We heard that public schools are not that great. We also heard that it’s is not that safe for kids to go out by themselves. We would like to purchase a house, but don’t know which area is safe for the kids. What’s your opinion and what area would you recommend?


    1. Hi Jiri, I wouldn’t say it’s unsafe here for kids to go out by themselves. I don’t think it’s any less safe than anywhere else for kids that age. But kids that age usually aren’t going out completely unsupervised anyway usually.

      For where to live, there are lots of options so it is difficult to give specifics without knowing more about what you’re looking for. The biggest selection of private schools is in the Central Valley, but you can also find good schools in many beach towns (e.g., Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Samara, Tamarindo/Flamingo/Brasilito). We’d also recommend reading our article on Moving to Costa Rica with Kids ( if you haven’t already. Best of luck with your family’s plans!

  10. Hi there! Thanks for all the great info! Question…I work at a hospital and I am covered for international travel and COVID-related treatment/expenses. I have a my insurance card, healthcare plan document, and my Pfizer proof of vaccination card. the insurance plan does not state specifically that “COVID” is covered, but was assured by the hospital health plan operations manager that I am covered. Do you think this will be enough? Or is international travel insurance still required?

    1. Hi Rachel, The policy needs to specifically state that Covid is covered – both as a medical expenses for at least $50,000 and as an accommodation expense for at least $2,000 in case you need to quarantine. Could the insurance company provide you with a letter stating this? That is what other people in the same situation have done.

  11. Any idea when this insurance requirment will end? I realize it could get extended but was there an end date mentioned when this was enacted? Looking to visit relatives in August 2021 but 1000+ for insurance for our family of 5 is a bit cost prohibitive.

    1. I don’t think the government has said anything about ending the insurance. Usually they don’t hint at things, though, so a sudden change between now and August is entirely possible. They did not put an end date on it when the requirement was first announced.

      Have you looked at Trawick, an option we give above? They should be a lot cheaper than $1,000 for your family.

  12. Thanks. Great article. I used Trawick and for Five days and Family of Five (kids 15, 15 and 18) it was only about $110 for the basic plan (cost of trip 0$) that explicitly covers $250,000 in medical expenses, which includes Covid, and $2,000 in accommodation expense. I got a quote for that would have covered the $7000 for the cost of the trip (which I think means we could get our travel expenses back should we cancel our trip last minute) and it would have been about $260. I also asked for a quote from Freddy Pacheco from Best Insurance Costa Rica using his website and he offered two options for $1600 and $1700 (yes, ten times as much). It may have included other coverage, (he somehow calls them options numbers 6 and 7 but does offer you any other in his reply email) but for the $110 I am getting a lot of other stuff from Trawick including up to $1 million to be airlifted out and back to the US should I have a certifiable medical emergency that can’t be treated locally. It would have been nice to see the other options and costs from Freddy.

  13. Dear Jenn and Matt! Hope you sre doing well! And thanks for all the very useful info! We are here in CR since 10th Jan., so our 90days will expire on the 9th Apr. and that is the day when we have our flight back to Europe. We also have the INS insurance until that day. But.. we would prolong our stay because of Covid situation in Europe and we heard that the CR-an government prolonged the possibility of stay for tourists until 1st. June even if the 90days have expired before. Is this true, so can we stay longer than the regular 90days? We had extreme problem with INS and still they did not solve it, it was and is outrages what has happened to us and what they do since then, so we would NOT RECOMMEND THEM at all!! Do you think if we stay longer should we prolong our insurance by buying from another co.? Thanks so much in advance for your answer! Andrea and Gábor

    1. Hi Andrea and Gábor, Yes, tourist visas were extended until June 1 but you do need to submit proof of insurance. Here is a link explaining this:

      So you will want to purchase more insurance. We have heard that Sagicor, the other CR company, may issue policies when you are already here but we aren’t totally sure. Sorry that you had a bad experience with INS. Best of luck figuring this out.

  14. Hello, thank you so much for the information!

    Currently I am in Costa Rica, I entered to the country on January 6th and had my flight back home and a valid insurece till march 6th, however i saw a bulletin from the costa rican goverment saying that tourists that enetered the country after december 17th could extend their stay till june 1st however we need to prove insurance coverage. I have not hired a new insurance, so I wonder if is already too late and I rather leave the country now or buy my new insurance on a date before june 1st and pay the applicable sanctions because once I sent the email to the costa rican goverment with the new policy they will realize that i did not hire it once the other ended.
    Wondered if you have heard any similar case, thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Ale, You could ask a lawyer what would be best. But we would think you would be ok to buy the insurance now and submit it so that you’re legally here. Not sure they would even track your insurance to know that there was any gap in coverage. There are probably many people in your situation but we haven’t heard about them and what they are doing. Best of luck!

    2. Hi Jenn and Matt, Thanks for your reply! We were thinking that we should maybe make the prolongation of our insurance with Trawick. We read also in your post that people are happy with it and it is much cheaper than the CR-an ones and also actually covering more..
      But our question is, if you know the answer on this one: if we are already here in CR and we had insurance with INS -which I mentioned that we had/have huge problem with them- can we still buy the new insurance with this US company, Trawick? They say on their webpage when we tried to check out the possibilities with them that : “You are eligible for this plan if you live in the country of Origin and are traveling from your home to another country.”. Well, yes Hungary is our home country and we live there, but we are here now, so now now we will not travel from Hungary.. Hope you understand what we mean, what is not clear?? So, basically the question would be: if we are already here, not traveling from our home country, but we live there normally and are citizens of that country.., can we still buy this insurance with Trawick? I wrote to them and email about 5days ago, but no answer.. I will try again, but maybe you have an answer, maybe just we are not sure, because of not being from the USA and our language is not English, so for us this is sounds a bit like confusing.. But probably not, just we don;t want to make a mistake with the insurance, it is more than enough what is going on for 2,5months now with INS.. because of their mistake!! Sorry for long message and thanks for answering!! Really helpful what you do!! Cheers, Andrea and Gábor

  15. Hi! my family purchased a policy from AXA where they have assured us that we are covered for Costa Rica requirements. While the medical coverage is explicitly stated, the $2,000 accommodation requirement is not explicitly stated. They have told me that the $2,000 accommodation requirement is covered through Trip Interruption, which is 150% of the trip cost (and beyond the $2K). Appreciate any experience or guidance here!

    1. Hi Kelly, It is common for the accommodation expense to be covered under Trip Interruption. We would just submit the policy to ICT in advance to make sure what you have is acceptable. We provided the email in our article. Best of luck!

  16. Hi, there! My husband are traveling to Costa Rica in April 13 for 11 days. We have both been vaccinated, so we really aren’t concerned we will need the coverage, but understand it’s necessary at this point. We’re just wondering if the cost of the trip needs to be accurate. It obviously affects the quote (we are looking at Trawick) but we don’t want to put a really low amount that might be a red flag. Any advice on how much that amount matters? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Hillary, Many people have been entering $0 as their trip cost to cover only the requirements to enter and nothing else. Since this meets Costa Rica’s requirements for the $50k in Covid medical and $2k in accommodation, they have entered without a problem. Trawick explains this on the Details page – just go to the link we give above (this one for US residents: and scroll down to the Details button to see more.

  17. Have a question similar to what PS posted. If you use the cost of trip as $0 for the Safe Travels Voyager plan through Trawick does that only mean you will not be refunded any money if you are unable to travel to Costa Rica? Just trying to weigh the benefit of adding money when I’m so close to traveling and doubt/hope that there will be no issues especially since airline tickets can be transferred and hotel has cancelation up to 3 days before arrival.

    Also, does the collision damage waiver of $35,000 on the Trawick insurance take the place of the second required insurance for rental cars? Wondering if I can us that over my credit card insurance? Thanks

    1. Hi Justin, We just answered this in response to Hillary – see our reply from earlier today. But, yes, we think if you enter a trip cost of $0, it won’t cover your trip value if you need to cancel. It will only cover you for Covid.

      For the rental car coverage question, please see our response to Matt on March 8th. Thanks!

  18. Great article, thank you for posting all this useful information! As mentioned above, Seven Corners travel insurance has specific covid coverage on their Liaison Travel Plus policies.

  19. Hi! My friends, and I are looking to do a multi-country trip. We are American citizens and we are planning to travel to Nicaragua first, spend a week there… and then take a coach bus from Managua to San Jose Costa Rica… spend a week in Costa Rica, and then fly back to the States. If we are coming via bus from Nicaragua, will we still need travel insurance for Costa Rica?
    We are looking to book our flights today actually for May. Thank you, Jocelyn

  20. So i am planning on going to Costa Rica week before Labor Day (USA), i am staying and visiting Nicaragua as well. How can i go about the insurance with my wife being a Costa Rica National but our son was born in USA. Also i will not be at a hotel but my in laws place to stay. Also what is the best way to find airfare, since my wife is planning on staying longer than I am.

    1. Hi Bubba, If your wife pays into the Caja, then as a citizen she can enter without needing the travel insurance. If she doesn’t pay into it, I think she will need to get the insurance along with you and your son. Unless your son had his birth registered in Costa Rica and he is a citizen here, then you wouldn’t need the insurance for him in that case.

      It’s no problem that you’re not staying at a hotel. You can just put your inlaw’s address on the health pass, just like you would a vacation rental.

      For flights, we’ve had good luck with for finding reasonably priced flights.

      Hope that helps with your questions!

  21. I purchased insurance through Trawick. They provide 3 different documents, a VISA, a certificate ( which is actually the entire, long policy and an ID card. Which document do you upload to the health pass?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Lynn, We recommend doing the visa letter, certificate (first 2 pages only with the relevant info), and ID card. You may not need all that but it doesn’t hurt. That way, you will definitely get a QR code without any problems. The health pass will let you attach multiple documents.

  22. I wanted to share my experience in case it helps someone! We are coming from the US with a family of 4 for about a month this summer, 28 days to be exact. I purchased a policy through AIG/TravelGuard that meets the requirements. Total cost was $386 which includes the Costa Rica travel bundle ($65) and also Cancel For Any Reason coverage (about $50). We thought it was a good deal considering the cost of $10/person/day through the Costa Rican companies and the size of our family / length of stay. Hope this helps!

  23. A friend and I are coming to Costa Rica for a month, and one or both of us my return a couple of months later to live there permanently. Will we need to pay for new insurance for each trip or is there an option to cover more than one trip? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ardys, You could price it out. It may be cheaper to get insurance for the entire amount of time even if you don’t use it for two or so months. Some policies do get cheaper for the longer you are here. This is the case with the CR insurance option, INS. It is probably similar for some of the international options like Trawick but you would need to price it out.

      If you get insurance for more days then you will be here initially, make sure Immigration gives you the correct number of days in your visa stamp. They should base it on your plane ticket date exiting Costa Rica. Usually the insurance matches this, so it can be a little confusing if it’s different, but as long as you check, it should be fine.

  24. Good information here. My one question is this: If I am in CR for 30 days and have the proper insurance for those days, what happens if my required Covid test on day 28 or 29 comes back positive and I cannot board my flight home? I assume I would have to stay in CR for a quarantine period before being allowed to fly home — but I wouldn’t be insured for those extra days! Thoughts???

    1. Hi Nancy, You only have to be covered by the travel insurance for the duration of your planned stay. You would have contracted Covid during that time, so you would be covered for the mandatory quarantine period, even if it’s outside the policy period. That’s the whole idea behind the accommodation part of the insurance requirement.

    1. Hi Gina, You register your insurance with the CR government when you fill out the online health pass 72 hours before your flight. That’s the process that you do before your trip in order to gain entry into the country. You can learn more by visiting our article on Entry Requirements:

      It doesn’t matter how long before that time you purchased the insurance. We hope this answers your question.

  25. Hello, thank you so much for the informative article. Do you know if children under two are required to have the insurance as well?

  26. Hello. I have just tried to use the link above to take me to the Trawick Safe Travels Voyager page to get a quote for my husband and it gives an error message from their website saying the following…

    “We’re Sorry! You are not authorized to sell that product.
    Please select a product from the list of authorized products below to continue.”

    I purchased a policy through this link for myself and it worked great. Just any FYI…

  27. We live in Guatemala on a tourist Visa and are coming at the end of the month to Costa Rica to renew our visa for Guatemala. Looking at quotes for the insurance, do I put the US as the country of origin or Guatemala? I tried to do the Safe Travels International Cost Saver as the US as the origin and wouldn’t accept it, but would from Guatemala and is less than $20 for our family of 4 for 3 days. Is it ok to put the country of origin as Guatemala even though our passport country is the US?

    1. Hi Jason, I think for the international plans through Trawick, you would put Guatemala as the country of origin. They have a note at the top of the pages that you can’t put the US for those plans. That should be fine but you could call them to double check if you still aren’t sure.

  28. Hi,
    I plan to enter Costa Rica via the Panama land border on bus. I am attempting to travel through Central America on bus, thus I don’t have set dates for entering and leaving the country. It partially depends on bus schedules, and my ability to complete my university visits, etc., which I don’t have at the moment.

    Will all requirements be the same for border crossings?

    Do you have information about how to handle a fluid schedule at the border crossing?

    Is the land border between CR and Nicaragua open that this time?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Raul, Each country will have different entry requirements. You can use their Immigration/Migración websites for the requirements, or your local embassy website.

      Yes, the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica is now open. Nicaragua requires a negative Covid test to enter.

      For how to handle border crossings when you aren’t sure when you will arrive and how long you will stay, CR will want to see a plane ticket out within the time frame of permitted visa stays. Costa Rica also requires that your travel insurance match your flight so you will need to know the amount of time you want to stay. You could always purchase a little extra insurance in case you decide to stay longer. Requesting additional days on your visa is difficult. Other countries don’t have the travel insurance requirement and may accept a bus ticket instead of a plane ticket. We would just look up each country’s requirements separately. Best of luck!

  29. The Trawick travel insurance quote is only $25 for me (traveling solo) for 18 days, with trip cost set to $0. I was about to spend $200 on Sagicor. Thank you for this post!

  30. I have health insurance that covers me outside of the US. They have supplied a leetter indicating I am covered for at least $50,000 and two weeks extra stay if necessary. Do you know if that will suffice for insurance coverage? Also any thoughts on whether the US will relax the negatie covid test requirments if one is vaccinated?

    1. Hi Robin, Make sure the letter specifies that the two extra weeks is for accommodation expense in case of quarantine in the amount of $2,000 per person. We’re really not sure if the US will remove the negative Covid test requirement in the near future if you have been vaccinated. It seems logical but I guess it would be hard to verify with certainty whether someone has been vaccinated.

  31. Hello, My wife, daughter and I are traveling to Costa Rica in June. My daughter and I will be there for three weeks, my wife is joining us for two. Do you think we should get two separate policies or one which covers all three of us for the entire three weeks? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris and Kim, They will give each of you a visa stamp for the number of days you have insurance (person-specific) so you could just get two policies if it’s cheaper. They will look at your return flight too and see that your wife will be there for less time.

  32. Hi! Please help! Had to change our honeymoon last minute and booked flights to Costa Rica on June 11th from Colombia without reading the insurance info. We are two American Travelers but will be flying into San Jose from Bogota. What Trawick insurance plan should we buy? Looks like the one you suggested for Americans ( states you must be coming from the country of origin. I assume we can’t use this since we are flying in from Colombia? Please let me know if you have advice for which policy to buy! Also how long does the approval process take if you buy international (vs Costa rican) policies?

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Virginia, I’m not sure if any of the Trawick plans will work for you, unfortunately. You do have to be flying from the US to use the one for US residents. And for the international options, it looks like you have to live in the country of origin to be eligible. You could email Trawick for more information because it doesn’t totally make sense. Their email is and they are usually very responsive.

      You will get a QR right away after submitting the health pass. As long as you uploaded all the documents correctly, the CR government won’t need to review anything. Everyone we know who has used Trawick (including friends and family) has gotten a QR code right away and let through immigration without problems.

  33. We’re visiting in June as a family of three, do we have to have 3 separate policies (one per person) or does one policy cover everyone?

    1. Hi Lauren, You can get one policy that covers everyone. You will have to enter their name, ages, and trip costs separately and then the policy will cover everyone in your family.

  34. Hi My wife and I are currently in Costa Rica from California. We purchased a policy through Trawick for our current visit. We are returning to USA June 17th and coming back to Costa Rica July 4th. We were advised it would be cheaper to buy a 6 month INS policy instead which we did. (6 months commencing 4th July). However the contract is in Spanish, and I see no mention of COVID explicitly. It also states Insured Amount (Monto Asegurdo) is $25,000. Is this valid for Health Pass for when we fly from USA to Costa Rica on the 4th July? (i.e I don’t need an “International Policy” with $50,000 coverage?) The agent I bought it from says it is valid for required covid coverage and Health Pass. But I wanted to confirm with a 3rd party (You :-). Thanks in antcipation!

    1. Hi David and Pearl, For the Costa Rica insurance companies like INS, you only need $20,000 in coverage. The INS travel insurance policy does cover Covid and will be automatically accepted by the Costa Rican government. You will only need to put in the policy number into the health pass and will get a valid QR code right away. So you’re all set!

  35. Muchisimas Gracias! Thank you so much for your quick reply and for your valueable website!

  36. Hi Jenn and Matt, I bought tickets to Costa Rica without realising I would need the insurance and, for the length of stay (2 months), it’s really costly in my home country (Brazil). However, this insurance company Trawick International has some deals that seem too good to be true. Do you think it applies to Brazilians as well?

    Another question: I want to stay in Costa Rica for two weeks, go to the US for two weeks, then explore Costa Rica when I come back. I’ll have 3 weeks left. Are they very strict when it comes to customs & immigration? I’m a digital nomad and before the pandemic this would always raise some flags with working while traveling. Now, with many people working remote, I’m hoping it won’t be a problem, but idk…

    I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Marcia, Trawick’s international plans are for people from outside the USA, so yes, you should be able to use those.

      I don’t think it will be a problem at all that you’re planning to go to the US for two weeks in between visits to Costa Rica. Just make sure your insurance covers you for the whole time so you’re all set when you come back into CR the second time.

  37. Hello! Thank you for all the informative articles and website! I’ll be visiting Costa Rica at the end of the month for seven days. My question is about Trawick’s plans. They have Travel Medical Plans and Trip Protection Plans. I’m assuming I need the Travel Medical Plans, correct?

    1. Hi Kathy, The ones we link to in this article (see the section on international insurance options) are the right ones. These are travel insurance plans that cover medical and other travel-related issues.

  38. Hi. Thank you so much for the information. My family is planning to spend the year in CR starting in July and I was curious about the travelers insurance if we need to leave every 90days. Will the same company give us another policy the same or next day? or do we need to use a different company every 90 days? How do people do border run trips for a few hours if they need the insurance policy to kick in before coming back? Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi Zara, We’ve heard that most international insurance companies will not let you extend a policy beyond the 90 days. But a few people who live here on a tourist visa have said that Trawick let them extend it one time for an additional 90 days. They had to call them. Otherwise, you would just need to use a different insurance company for the second block of time. I think Blue Cross Blue Shield Costa Rica also offers an annual plan. So that may be a good option for a longer stay.

  39. Hi guys! Great site here, thanks so much for all the helpful info.
    We’re leaving for CR Tuesday night 6/15 and arriving 6/16. A few days ago, my son came down with a fever. He took a Covid test today, but we won’t get results before Saturday, which is only 3 days before we leave.
    My question is: Is purchasing insurance 3 days prior to our departure cutting it too close? Or should I buy the insurance now and cancel if his test comes back positive? Will they offer a full refund if we cancel within a certain time frame? We’re looking at Trawick.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Kristina, You’ll be fine to wait to get the insurance three days before you come. You should get the email with the policy coverage almost immediately after you buy it. You can’t fill out the online health pass until 48 hours before anyway. Hope it’s just a regular cold and your son feels better soon!

    2. I hope your son is doing okay now and you are able to go on your trip. Did you buy the Trawick insurance? If so, after doing your health pass, did you get yellow circles on your QR code, or were they green, or something else? I uploaded my Trawick info on the health pass, but my circles are yellow for “pending insurance”. I’m confused because we got QR codes, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong?? How did it work for you?

  40. This was THE most helpful, concise, easy to understand article I’ve read re: insurance – thank you so much for simplifying this for other travelers, you just saved me a ton of time!! 🙂 Excited to dig into your other CR articles.

  41. If I am purchasing the insurance via your Trawick link for my husband and I, do I have to increase the trip delay max to $4000 ($2,000 per person)?

    1. Hi Talisa, The $2,000 coverage in the Trawick plans is per person so you shouldn’t need to increase anything. Thank you for purchasing your insurance though our link!

  42. My insurance will cover more than $50,000 in COVID medical expenses, but it does not cover lodging. They are sending me a letter verifying that. Is it possible to sign something saying I will pay for lodging OR get insurance for lodging only? I hate to pay to be double covered, especially since we are all fully vaccinated.

    1. Hi Beth, Unfortunately, no, you have to show proof of the accommodation coverage. A lot of people are using the Trawick plans for this and just putting in $0 for their trip cost.

  43. Hola! My husband and I just traveled through the Liberia airport on 6/17/21. We purchased the Trawick International Safe Voyager plan through your link and it worked perfectly. I printed out hardcopies (old school) but also did a screenshot of all my insurance docs. That was convenient as I needed to upload a copy of my travel insurance to Once your QR code is generated, I also suggest another screenshot. We had to show our QR code multiple times at the airport (Houston Hobby), and of course, in Liberia. It is a lot of work but everything went seamlessly thanks to your information! ps. Lines were long in Liberia but actually went very quickly!

  44. Thank you for the valuable information! We will be taking our first trip to Costa Rica in September. We are planning to purchase Trawick insurance through your link. Will it save us any money to purchase the insurance now (three months in advance) vs. waiting until the week before our trip to purchase?

    1. Hi Erika, Your premium will be based on your trip cost so it shouldn’t make any difference when you purchase it, unless Trawick changes their rates. You may just want to wait a bit to make sure Costa Rica doesn’t get rid of the insurance requirement. There is no indication now that it will but you never know. Thank you for getting your insurance through our link!

  45. Hi Jenn and Matt! This is SO incredibly helpful and thank you so much for sharing all of these tips with us! Question for you: when we click on your Trawick link to get a quote for a family of four, we see that under AD and D 24 hour section, it says $25,000 included. Are we supposed to change it to $50,000 due to the minimum requirements for medical expenses? Or is that original information accurate? I am bit confused myself…as I just want to be assured and double check everything! Thank you so much again!

    1. Hi Sarah, All the Trawick plans include at least $50,000 in coverage for medical expenses. The AD&D is for accidental death and dismemberment, so different. You don’t need to adjust the policy coverage. They all work for Costa Rica.

  46. Your information is clear and practical- thank you! We just booked our Trawick travel insurance via your link. It was a better price than all the others and we are happy you get a bonus!

  47. My daughter and I are Canadian citizens residing in Canada. We are flying our from Canada and spending 2 weeks in the US, before flying directly to Costa Rica from Miami and spending 3 weeks in CR.

    It seems I may be required to purchase an insurance policy with COVID coverage starting from Canada if I purchase Canadian insurance.
    TUGO – their accommodation coverage is $2100 Canadian
    Canuck Voyage – they do have all coverage but do not provide a specific letter or certification – Will this be accepted?
    Manulife – last choice as it is expensive

    Trawick – do they have any product for my specific situation. Their international plans don’t cover us for the US or travel from the US it seems.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    1. Hi Ritesh, We know people have been using TUGO from Canada. We’re not sure of the particulars, but we have seen reports from many people about it being accepted.

      I don’t think Trawick will cover you, unfortunately, if you’re Canadian and you are traveling from the US.

      I haven’t heard anything about Canuck Voyage.

      There is a good Facebook group you could join and ask in there for your best option in this case. It’s called Costa Rica Resources for Expats and Locals. They have a Files section with some information about Covid travel insurance, but it just repeats what we’ve already said.

      Best of luck!

  48. Hello, My husband and I will be arriving in Costa Rica on July 17th (flying on July 16th). My question is how soon should I get the medical and lodging insurance. Also can you tell me where it states that Covid is covered. I have looked through the “See Plan Brochure,” “Summary of Coverage,” and the State Certificates,” and can’t seem to find the words that Covid is covered. I just want to make sure before purchasing the medical and lodging insurance. I thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Tanya, We would recommend buying the travel insurance 5 or so days before your trip so you have enough time to get the insurance documents before doing the online health pass 48 hours before your flight.

      For the Trawick policies, they say right at the top of their website, “This plan covers COVID-19 the same as any other sickness.” The visa letter they will send you after you buy the policy also says in red, “Covid 19: Covered same as any other illness to the above mentioned Medical Maximum.”

      We hope that helps!

  49. Hi, we bought out son a travel policy to Costa Rica with you as our insurance agent – super easy and helpful! Our son is now considering a trip to Nicaragua with friends – mixed europeans and Americans. My son is traveling with USA passport with 2 other Americans. Do you offer travel insurance for this location? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Chris, Thanks for getting your son’s travel insurance through our site! Yes, Trawick does insure trips to Nicaragua too. You could probably just extend his existing policy. If your son definitely does this, you could reach out to Trawick at info@(at)trawickinternational(dot)com, or feel free to email us at info(at)twoweeksincostarica(dot)com and we can help connect you.

  50. Hi – booked using Trawick but given that is NOT one of the insurance options within the portal, I uploaded it and used the drop down for “International”. By selecting “International”, it indicates we must go through a travel insurance stand when we arrive. If I upload the certificate and visa letter, will I still need to go through that travel insurance stand to prove we have the insurance? This is extremely important info as it will end up delaying us and negate the lower cost. Thanks!

    1. Hi BG, We’ve never heard of that happening. Everyone we know who has used Trawick or another accepted international provider has had not had to do anything different at the airport. If you upload the insurance documents, you should get a QR code that will allow for entry without extra steps. We actually are having dinner now with friends who entered recently and they confirmed this. The only reason you should have to talk to someone at the airport (other than the usual steps) is if there is a problem with your insurance, but Trawick is a known, accepted company. I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks!! I did get the QR codes so hopefully we are good to go. Sorry I saw this thread AFTER I purchased, but I did share this thread with others so hopefully they use your referral. Appreciate the response!

  51. Hi! I purchased an INS policy and every time I enter my policy number into the health pass it gives me an error message saying I need to enter a 16 to 20 digit number. The policy number INS gave is a 14-character alphanumeric number. Any thoughts on how to get the health pass system to accept it? TIA!

    1. Hi Yara, We haven’t heard this before. Hope you are able to figure it out. If there are any characters before or after the 14 digit number, maybe try that.

  52. So the Trawick plan would cover 2k for Each person. We are a family of 4. Thank you. Great info!

  53. Hi Jen and matt,

    My daughter leaves for Costa Rica tomorrow.

    Hopefully you can advise on 2 things

    1, her visa certificate from her insurers transwick international does not include her passport number, will this matter?

    2. She is a uk citizen but will be flying to Costa Rica from Madrid Spain as she has been there for a month! On the health pass it asks what date did she depart country of origin ( what day did she fly out ) should I use the day she left the UK or the day she left Spain for Costa Rica?

    I am just confused and panicking

    Thank you

  54. Hi Jenn & Mark! Thank you so much for all of your posts. Your information has been my go-to as we plan our trip on August 1st. I’ve been holding off getting insurance for our family of 4 until we get closer in case requirements change. Is that wise? When should I get everything ready for an August 1st departure from NY to Liberia? And which insurance do you suggest for family of 4? Thinking Sagicor. Much much thanks!

    1. Hi Nicole, I think we are talking next week through our video chat service 😉 We can talk more about this then, but Costa Rica actually just got rid of the insurance requirement for all children and vaccinated adults. It takes effect August 1, so perfect timing for your trip. We updated our article with more details.

  55. I will be 70 years old when I plan to travel to Costa Rica. I am fully vaccinated since 1/28/2021. Will the dramatic increase in cost of insurance be reduced for fully vaccinated travellers, as fully vaccinated people are very unlikely to need any Covid care?

    1. Hi Chris, We don’t have any information on this. There is a chance that Costa Rica could remove the insurance requirement for fully vaccinated travelers, but right now, we still have fairly high cases and hospitalizations here so that is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We will update this and our other Covid posts if anything changes.

  56. I understand that care must be taken. I was in San Jose in March. I plan to travel with six people for 10 days in November. The future trip will not happen if there is an inflated insurance fee that is not based on the percent chance of infection making care necessary. As the fee is increased, then the original calculation is based on actuary figuring. With that same reasoning, the health insurance requirement needs to be eliminated or at least decreased to meet actual need.
    Do you have contact information for the CR department that could let me know what the current insurance requirement is? If so, could you send it along in your reply to this question?

    1. Hi Chris, Ironically, the CR government just announced this afternoon that insurance will not be required starting on August 1 if you are fully vaccinated. We updated our article to reflect this and explained what the requirements are to show proof of vaccination, so you can go check that out. It’s pretty easy.

      1. Hi Jenn and Matt!
        We arrive to Costa Rica on 28 July. Is it enough to only buy the insurance for 28-31 July as such requirement is phased out from 1 August? We are fully vaccinated with Pfizer, second dose received in June.
        Thank you very!
        Best regards,

        1. Hi Csaba, We just received a bunch of questions from people asking the same thing. This morning, we responded to a commenter named Susan with our thoughts. Please go back to our original article and scroll down to the last comment (#65). That should answer your question but let us know if you need anything else.

  57. Acquiring medical insurance
    Tourists must acquire mandatory travel insurance that covers lodging in the event of quarantine as well as medical expenses due to contracting COVID-19.

    If the tourist has already been vaccinated, this does not exempt them from this requirement, and they must acquire an insurance policy as described. This requirement remains in force.

    This is taken from the official website for Travel costa rica

    1. Hi Mo, This was just announced during the Costa Rican government’s Covid news conference on Friday (July 9), which we watched in real time. The Tourism Board/Visit Costa Rica has not updated their website yet, it looks like. Here is the information from Casa Presidencial, the President’s office: And here’s a link to an English-speaking newspaper’s article.

      We have been following these issues very closely since March 2020 with the goal of providing travelers with the most up-to-date, accurate information.

  58. Hola! I have a silly question! My daughter (minor) will be flying back to Costa Rica from the states July 31st…& bc the rule is changing on the first for minors does she need to have insurance for just the 31st?
    Thanks for everything! I’ve said it before but your blog is a saver!!!

    1. Hi Niani, Glad our site has been helpful! I think she would only need insurance for July 31st since that is when the regulation changes. I don’t think immigration will give her a hard time as a minor. They are usually lenient towards children in Costa Rica. Hope that helps!

  59. Good morning. What about vaccinated travelers entering Costa Rica the end of July? Do they still have to purchase coverage for their entire month-long visit? Is coverage for a few days until the August 1 policy change acceptable to the country? Thank you!

    1. Hi Susan, The Costa Rican government has not said anything about this but it would seem you would only need insurance through the end of July. That is the letter of the law requirement, as the new rule allowing vaccinated adults to enter without insurance takes effect on August 1. You may have to explain to the immigration official why you only have insurance for part of the time, but hopefully, they would understand your reasoning. If the cost to insure your entire trip is similar, we would just do that to avoid any potential problems. But if it’s a lot more expensive, you should be ok with insuring only the days in July. Just be prepared that you never know what will happen at immigration so they could ask you to purchase additional insurance when you arrive. We would hope that the immigration officials will have been briefed on this issue prior to the end of the month, but based on our experience with immigration, this is not always the case. We hope that helps.

      1. Hi again Susan, We wanted to update you about this based on new information. It seems you will need to have insurance for your entire stay, not just for the July dates, unfortunately. We updated our article with this information (it’s towards the top). It may be worth it to change your plane tickets if you can.

  60. If my stay in CR will be July 18 – Aug 18, can I as vaccinated adult only get an insurance policy through July 31 given the changes in policy starting August 1st? I can’t find any official language on this.

    1. Hi Jason, There is nothing official on this as of today. Please see our reply to Susan (one of the last comments (#65) on our original article). That should answer your question but let us know if you need anything else.

    2. Hi again Jason, There has been an update about this. We have heard from a couple of sources now that the government is requiring that you purchase insurance for your entire trip duration if your dates fall between July and August. So you can’t just buy it for the time in July. We updated our article with this information (it’s towards the top).

      1. Hmm. The insurer I bought from said I only needed it through July. And they’d be incentivized otherwise. Do you have a site to reference stating otherwise?

        1. Hi Jason, We have the links and more explanation in our article. Rather than explain it again here, just go back to that for a full explanation of who we heard this from. It’s the 3rd FAQ from the top.

  61. I am traveling with my family to Costa Rica from July 27 through August 10th. Do I need to purchase insurance up until August 1st?

    1. Hi Mike, Please see our reply to Susan (one of last comments (#65) on our original article). That should answer your question but let us know if you need anything else.

    2. Hi Mike, It seems now you will need to have insurance for the whole time. We have heard this from a couple of sources. We updated our article with this information (it’s towards the top).

  62. I have a question that is similar to Niani’s above. My son, 18 yrs old, was fully vaccinated in March. He plans to arrive in Costa Rica on July 24 and stay until August 11. Will he need Covid insurance for July 24-31 or will he still need it through August 11?

    1. Hi Tim, We received a bunch of these questions from different people yesterday. Please see our reply to Susan (one of the last comments (#65) on our original article). That should answer your question but let us know if you need anything else.

    2. Hi Tim, Just wanted to let you know about an update on this. We have heard from a couple of sources now that the government is requiring that you purchase insurance for your entire trip duration if your dates fall between July and August. So you can’t just buy it for the time in July. We updated our article with this information (it’s towards the top).

  63. Hola, thank you for your very nice website! On the same line of the previous question by Niani, I’ll travel to Costa Rica from the 20th of July to the 10th of August.
    I’m fully vaccinated.
    Do you believe I need to get an insurance cover for the total duration of my stay or just to the 1st of August (when the rule changes)?
    The difference in price is not negligible.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Matteo, We answered this in response to Susan this morning. She had one of the last comments (#65) on our original article. Please go check that out and let us know if you need anything else.

    2. Hi again Matteo, There has been an update about this. We have heard from a couple of sources now that the government is requiring that you purchase insurance for your entire trip duration if your dates fall between July and August. So you can’t just buy it for the time in July. We updated our article with this information (it’s towards the top).

  64. Thank you for your very helpful website ! I have referred many of my friends to it for more information. I am trying to confirm and verify that my caja payments are up to date, (I am a temporary resident) and I thought I saw a posting on your blog with a link to the caja site for verification. Is this possible? thanks in advance

  65. If we are not vaccinated, do we have to purchase insurance for our children under the age of 6? Or just the adults? Thanks

  66. Hi Jenn and Matt,

    We are travelling to Costa Rica from 25th of July to 15th of August. We are vaccinated and our international insurance company has issued a certificate which states that it covers medical expenses, but does not mention lodging expenses.

    Should we purchase a full insurance, for the period of 25th of July to 15th of August, is there an option to only obtain the insurance for lodging expenses, or do you think our international certificate would be accepted without lodging expense coverage?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Emiel, You are supposed to have insurance to cover the entire duration of your trip if you are entering in July. And it needs to explicitly cover accommodation expense. So it doesn’t seem like what you have will work, unfortunately. We don’t know of any insurance option that covers only the accommodation expense. People have been entering $0 as their trip cost through Trawick for it to cover the bare minimum entry requirements and keep the cost down. Hope that helps.

  67. I thought I submitted my question yesterday but it hasn’t shown up on the blog yet. So maybe I did something wrong. My question is this: I purchased insurance through you via Trawick for our trip starting Aug 8. We are fully vaccinated. Now that we no longer need it because of the change in rules, can we cancel it?

    1. Hi Jen, We receive a lot of comments so sometimes it takes us more than a day to get to them. We will send an email to connect you with Trawick now to see if they can cancel your policy. Thanks.

      1. Oh no worries, I just thought I had done something wrong when posting my reply! Thank you for trying. And again, no worries!

  68. Hi, this is very similar to the other questions but given the small timeframe I thought it would be worth asking. We are supposed to be landing in Costa Rica a little before midnight on July 30th, so we will only be in Costa Rica for 1 day before August 1st. We will be staying there until the 10th. Will we still have to purchase for the entirety of the trip, or is there some leeway written in? Considering just coming in a day later if I would need to purchase it since it is so close.

  69. Hi,
    My husband and I are travelling with our children, aged 8 & 6 to Costa Rica this week. Do the kids need insurance covering the accommodation as we have international medical insurance that covers us and meets the requirements all ready.
    Thanks so much for your help.

  70. Hello! If you test positive and have to quarantine – do you stay at the hotel you were already staying at our have to check in to some kind of Covid hotel in order for the insurance to cover it?

  71. Hello,

    I desperately need your help. I’m traveling to Costa Rica on Monday, 8/2 from the United States. I am fully vaccinated and do not need Travel Insurance, right?

    I’m trying to fill out the Health Pass now, but it is not allowing me to complete the questionnaire without filling in Travel Insurance information. I’m a little worried because I have to fill out the Health Pass 48 hrs before my trip. That 48 hrs is now.

    What do I do?

    1. Hi Anthony, Correct, you do not need insurance if you are vaccinated. They have probably not updated the health pass yet. I would try again on August 1. That is likely when it will happen. You don’t have to fill it out 48 hours before – that is just the maximum time in advance. It’s fine to do it more last minute. You will get your QR code right away so you don’t need to worry about that.

  72. You have a great site! We purchased health insurance from blue cross blue shield Costa Rica for 3 family members for our trip to CR departing on Aug 8 2021. Because of a health insure we have to cancel the entire trip. is there some way to get a refund on the 3 policies from BCBS-CR?

  73. Hi I went to the trawick “safe travels voyager” link to checkout insurance prices for an upcoming trip but did not know what to put in the “trip cost” field. Do I put $50,000 to meet the requirements for Costa Rican government. Is that the travel insurance that covers Covid? U.S. resident. thanks and love all the info you guys give!

    p.s. the link to INS insurance is not working

    1. Hi Cindy, Your trip cost is how much you have spent on your trip and want to insure in total. It’s different from the $50,000 coverage requirement. The Trawick policies automatically cover the $50K in Covid medical expenses.

      Thanks, we’ll update the INS link!

  74. I am Canadian, so wanted to know if mixed vaccines and/or Covishield, which are common in Canada, are approved. I sent an inquiry directly to the Costa Rica Government. The reply states that “AstraZeneca/Oxford. Covishield (ChAdOx1_nCoV19) India is accepted.” Also, it states that “those schemes that combine vaccines from different pharmaceutical companies will be considered as a complete vaccination.” This information might be of interest to your Canadian readers.

  75. Please let us know how difficult it is to get tested (flying out of Liberia airport in August) before returning to US. Are there alot of testing sites near Tamarindo? Just want to be sure. I think the requirements are three days prior (72hrs).

    1. Hi Brenda, There are several testing sites near Tamarindo and it’s pretty easy. Rapid testing is available. You can also get tested right at Liberia Airport before your flight. Here is the link to our post with Covid Testing Locations. Just scroll down to the Tamarindo section. Yes, the test can be done anytime before your flight, up to 3 calendar days in advance.

  76. Hi!

    I am stoked I came across your blog – super informative!

    I see you have a lot of info on Covid protocols, etc., but I have not come across any info on whether or not Costa Rica accepts vaccine mixing. I had Pfizer as my first dose & Moderna as my second dose (Canada approved this & many Canadians had 2 different vaccines) & want to be sure this will not cause a problem when we enter Costa Rica in January 2022. Do you have this info or know where I can find it?

    Thanks so much in advance.


    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jess, I haven’t seen anything official but have heard from people that mixing vaccines has been fine for getting into the country. Both of those are approved so it shouldn’t be a problem. Costa Rica has even approved mixing vaccines for its own population – so, for example, if a CR citizen went to the US to get vaccinated and got Moderna for their first shot, they could get Pfizer in Costa Rica for the second.

  77. Hello! I have a family of 5 going to Costa Rica in December. Dad is vaccinated, mom is not. The other 3 are under 18. Do we only need a policy for mom or do we need to purchase for the entire family?
    Thanks you for your help with this! It’s a little confusing.

  78. I am travelling from Australia to Costa Rica, transiting (not staying) in USA. Does the Trawick Safe Travels International policy work – I am concerned my “transit” through the USA would be construed as a “visit” by Trewick if I purchase this policy and had to make a claim. Can you help with this question?

  79. I am travelling to Costa Rica from Sept 6 through he 30th. I am fully vaccinated. I was consider buying travel insurance just in case we contract covid while there, specifically for the $2,000 coverage for hotel cost if we are forced to quarantine. My question is, given that we are fully vaccinated, can I buy travel insurance just for the last few days of the trip so that if I test positive at the airport before flying home I am covered? Or would I need to purchase travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip?

  80. hey guys looking to find out who else is having this issue or knows how to fix it I’m leaving Friday for Costa Rica fully vaccinated filling out health pass and attached my vaccine card and still ask for travel Insurance or no qr code how has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it

    1. Hi Shawn, We haven’t heard of this happening since the beginning of August when the change to the insurance requirement first went into effect. I’d try again in a different browser. Hopefully it’s just a glitch.

    2. I’m having the same issue. The form makes you select a Travel Insurance Company and requires you to fill in your policy number. There’s no way around it. Please let me know if you figured it out!

    3. I just got a response from the Costa Rica tourism board via email. They told me the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica knows this is an issue with Health Pass, and COVID 19 vaccinated travelers can choose the “International Policy” option. There you can just upload your Vaccination Card again, and it will accept it. I was able to complete the form and get a Health Pass QR code. Full disclaimer: I did not get this suggestion directly from the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica. Do this at your own discretion.

      1. Thanks for the info, Mark. Very helpful. The Costa Rica Tourism Board is in charge of entrance into the country during Covid so you can consider that email an official statement.

  81. Hello! I live in CR as a tourist and will be going home to the states to get vaccinated. I am hoping to only stay there long enough to get both doses of the vaccine and then return to CR. My question is, if I return to CR right after the second dose butt will not be “fully vaccinated” until 2 weeks after the second dose, do you think I could purchase insurance for just those two weeks and then show that I will be officially fully vaccinated when the insurance policy ends and get my usual 90 day visa stamp?

    1. Hi Tori, It could go either way when you come back in, but officially, I think immigration would say you need to purchase the insurance for your full time in Costa Rica (i.e., 90 days), since you do not meet the entry requirements without insurance at the time of entering the country. This is what they were telling people who had trip dates that overlapped July/August 1 when the insurance requirements went away for those vaccinated. It´s kind of similar so I think that is how they would handle it.

  82. Hello from the U.S.
    So, Costa Rica has two sets of minimum insurance requirements. Why are the requirements for Costa Rican insurance less than the International insurance?
    I can choose the $20k Costa Rican insurance minimum or the $50k minimum International insurance.

    What am I missing?
    Should all insurance have the same minimums?

    1. Hi Carl, It has been like this for almost a year now, since borders opened. The government never provided a reason for the different requirement amounts. We think it has to do with collecting insurance money, but aren’t sure. If a visitor needs treatment, it will be easier for the government to collect the money for a claim from a Costa Rican insurance company than a foreign company. Not exactly sure, though.

  83. Hi ! My unvaxxed daughter will be flying in alone as a 17 year old and leaving after her 18th birthday. We were told to get the insurance so they wouldn`t just let her enter until her birthday, but on the other hand we were told we need to write she`s a minor as she won`t be able to prove she`s an adult on entry. The form asks the parent to fill in the form for a minor but only has a place to add on a minor after going through all the parent`s flight details etc, which obviously we don`t have. Her insurance cert has her date of birth on it. Any ideas about how to do it ? The lovely man at the tourist board checked and said our insurance is fine and we can upload it but I don`t know whether to fill it with her as the main person like an adult.Have you heard how unaccompanied minors fill in the form ? Thank you!

    1. Hi Gina, We haven’t heard of how unaccompanied minors should fill out the health pass. Since you’re buying her insurance anyway, which I think is a good idea so she gets the full visa based on her plane tickets, you could just fill it out as if she were an adult. That makes sense to us. Hope it isn’t too much trouble to figure out.

  84. Hi, my daughter picked BC/BS for insurance, paid for it (has been deducted from her account already), but did not get a policy # or an email She has called and emailed, but cannot get through to anyone. Any suggestions on how she can prove she got the insurance for CR?

    1. Hi Diana, Make sure she checked her spam. That is a common problem. If she still can’t find a confirmation email, I would just keep calling. They should answer during business hours. Hope she can get this figured out without too much trouble!

  85. Hi! Thanks for the very informative post!

    My partner and I will be traveling to San Jose on Dec 28th and we are both fully vaccinated. I have read some conflicting stories on entry requirements so hoping you can confirm.

    For example, the Costa Rica Tourism Board state “Tourists who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and individuals aged 18 and younger (even if unvaccinated) can enter the country without a travel policy.” on this page

    …but on their Contact Us page, they state “If the tourist has already been vaccinated, this does not exempt them from this requirement, and they must acquire an insurance policy as described. This requirement remains in force.”

    From my research, my understanding is that we just need to fill out the Health Pass form and do not need to purchase and show proof of COVID-specific travel insurance but I’m worried we may be asked for the latter.

    Can you confirm?



    1. Hi Stephen, What we have on our website is correct. You don’t need insurance if you’re fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine. It has been this way for months. The Tourism Board has just not updated their website.

  86. We purchased Trawick through you all – do we just upload the VISA Letter to the Health Pass site? Or does it also require the certificate that came in our confirmation e-mail? Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Stephanie, We recommend uploading the visa letter, certificate (first 2 pages only with the relevant info), and ID card. You may not need all that but it doesn’t hurt. Thanks for getting your insurance through our site!

      1. Thank you!! Do you happen to know how long it takes for Costa Rica to review the insurance? I completed the Health Pass today and uploaded all of my documentation, and it says “pending travel insurance”. We leave for Costa Rica on Friday.

  87. Hi Jenn and Matt,
    I love your informative and helpful site. I am a fellow Bostonian travelling to Costa Rica Jan 1 through 8. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, but at age 59 know I have a slightly elevated risk of illness if I contract Covid. I am also concerned about quarantine should I test positive, even a false positive, when preparing for my return to the US. I am going to purchase a policy from Trawick through your link. My question is how does the quarantine coverage work when it will most likely occur for 13-14 days beyond the end date of my policy? The same question for medical care if needed. My policy will be in effect from Jan 1-8. My quarantine could keep me there until Jan 21, possibly needing medical care.

    1. Hi Loretta, The Covid insurance covers you if you get Covid during your trip, even if the expenses are incurred after the policy period. That’s the point of getting the coverage. For example, if you needed medical treatment and you were hospitalized in a public hospital, the Costa Rican government would be able to collect the money from your insurance company. That’s why Costa Rica requires insurance for entry for people who are not vaccinated. The expenses will always be after the policy period, because the policy period is your expected trip duration, and no one can anticipate getting Covid. I hope that makes sense! It is probably explained in the Trawick policy in greater detail as well.

  88. Dear Jenn and Matt, thank you for all your work on helping travellers! I just have one (hopefully) simple question – I was planning on going to Costarica already a year ago and I’ve found info that a special travel insurance provided by some of the local companies in Costarica. Is this still valid or not?
    I’m plannig to go at the end of January, I’m fully vaccinated and of course I will have travell insurance provided by a company in my home country (I will probably choose some package including Covid, even this is not required in Costarica anymore..). So I just want to make sure that I don’t need an extra insurance by some provider in Costarica.
    Thank you very much for your answer!
    with best regards from Prague

    1. Hi Tereza, What you have said is correct. You don’t need any special travel insurance to enter Costa Rica (not from a local Costa Rica company or an international company) anymore as long as you’re fully vaccinated using an approved vaccine. So it sounds like you’re all set. We hope you have a wonderful trip!

  89. None of the emails or phone listed for my BCBD coverage worked. However I was just now able to get this number to work: 506 4000 1516 Blue Cross Blue Shield / Daniella.

    They, not surprisingly, do not want to cover my covid hotel stay.

  90. Great Info on your website guys. Regarding accommodation coverage by insurance companies (specifically Trawick), are we allowed to choose place of our choice? And, what about meals?

    We are staying at Andaz next week and god forbid if someone tests positive, and we decided to continue to quarantine at Andaz, would insurance company cover that place under Trip delay accommodation?

    1. Hi JP, You can choose where to quarantine so yes, you could stay at the Andaz. Our post on Testing Positive has more information.

      If you have coverage for quarantine due to testing positive, then your insurance should cover you. You’ll want to check your specific policy. Typically they cover only the accommodation expense, not meals.

  91. Hi! we are moving to costa and I am just confused on the flight situation. Do we just buy a 1 way plane ticket and then every 90 days we are border crossing? Or we we have to buy a round trip ticket for covid insurance purposes and then border cross every 90 days and keep re-upping the insurance and keep moving the flight? That seems a bit crazy if that’s the case until we get residency. Hope this makes sense what I am asking! Thank you!

    1. Hi Dina, You will need a round trip plane ticket and insurance too if you are not vaccinated. Get the insurance for the full 90 days – this should match your outbound plane ticket so that the immigration agent gives you the full 90 day visa. Then at 90 days, you have to leave the country to renew your visa and get another plane ticket for 90 days so that you get 90 days again. Yes, it isn’t a fun process long-term! It works for people who want to travel anyway, but it’s usually better to apply for residency once you know you want to stay to avoid this.

  92. The Pasa De Salud is forcing me to purchase insurance (even though I am fully vaccinated) – when I attempt to submit and receive my QR code. Even when I choose “International” (as you suggested) it wants all of my info on my “policy.” I should not have to purchase the insurance as I am fully vaccinated. How can I get around this and receive my QR code? Thank you

    1. Hi Ken, This may sound strange but try another browser, or multiple browsers. Specifically try Microsoft Edge. For some reason, some websites in Costa Rica don’t function properly with certain browsers.

  93. Hello! We will be visiting Costa Rica in February and we are both fully vaccinated.
    Do we still need covid insurance or we are ok with the health pass completion?

    Also, would we be asked for health insurance in general and do we need to have a specific one for Costa Rica?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Thanos, No, you do not need Covid travel insurance if you are fully vaccinated. It is only required if you are unvaccinated. All you will have to do is fill out the online health pass. No other health insurance is required either.

  94. Some countries are accepting COVID recovery within 90 days as “vaccinated”. We actually will not have to test to return to the US either with proof of recovery in 90 days. Have you heard anything about the travel insurance being waived for the unvaccinated if there was a recent recovery?

  95. I purchased Sagicor insurance bc I didn’t know how else to proceed with the health pass however, I have my own insurance and would like to cancel the Sagicor. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Julia, Unfortunately, we don’t think it will be easy to get a refund from Sagicor. We would recommend emailing them to ask but it may not happen. It is hard in general to get refunds in Costa Rica.

  96. Hi! I have read that they are dropping the medical insurance requirement April 1st. I’m flying in March 30th-April 15. Do I really need insurance for 2 days? Any insight is helpful, thank you.

    1. Hi Genevieve, In the past, Immigration has required people to comply with the cure entry requirements as of the day you enter. So if you’re coming before April 1, they will probably want you to have insurance for your entire visit, unfortunately.

  97. We were confused about having to fill out insurance info when we are fully vaccinated on the Health Form. Your workaround was very helpful, Thanks!!

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