Using At-Home Covid Tests to Enter US from Costa Rica

Last Updated: June 15, 2022

Covid testing is a requirement to get back home for many people. Although Costa Rica has labs and clinics around the country that can do testing, many people prefer the convenience of an at-home test. In this post, we’ll explain the requirements for using at-home/self-tests to reenter the US. We will also cover something essential to know about using at-home tests in Costa Rica.


As of June 12, 2022, the United States no longer requires a negative Covid test to fly into the country. The CDC has eliminated the requirement for everyone, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status. You can find more information on the CDC’s website.

We have edited this post to take out all information about US Covid testing requirements, since there are none anymore. We left in general information about self-testing and testing positive for those who still need to get a Covid test for their country of origin.

Using At-Home Test Enter US from Costa Rica

How Self-Testing Works

Basically, what you will do is order your at-home test before your trip and bring it with you. At-home tests have only recently been approved in Costa Rica and are hard to find.

You’ll follow the manufacturer’s instructions on registering your kit and scheduling a test time.

A proctor will help you administer the test at the scheduled time. You will need an internet connection and webcam.

They will then give you the results. Results are provided immediately or within a couple of hours, depending on the test you use.

You will present this digital test result to the airline when you check-in for your flight departing Costa Rica.

We have been hearing from many people who have successfully used an at-home test to get back home after visiting Costa Rica, so don’t worry, they are being accepted.

Specific Tests

Here are some tests that people have been using. They are rapid antigen tests.


Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test – can buy on eMed or Optum 

CityHealth’s RapidReturn Test Kit

Available on Amazon: iHealth Self Test for ages 2 and up.

*A reader recently pointed out that they used the iHealth test for travel back to the US. iHealth now offers Covid test services that meet CDC requirements (i.e., you will have a virtual meeting with an iHealth proctor). This is separate from buying the test and costs an additional $20. You have to sign up online through the iHealth website

iHealth Covid test entering US from Costa Rica

If you purchase a Covid test kit from Amazon, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Young Children

Some of the tests are authorized only for children ages 4 and up (e.g., Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test). So keep that in mind if you are traveling with young children. The iHealth Self Test is valid for children ages 2 and up.

At-Home Testing in Costa Rica and Testing Positive

In Costa Rica, the government does not recognize at-home tests for purposes of confirming a positive case. For a test to be recognized, it must be done in an authorized lab or medical center.

This has very important implications for visitors who are using at-home tests.

If you test positive on an at-home test in Costa Rica, you will need to go to a lab or clinic for an official test. Only then will your mandatory quarantine period begin.

You will want to start your quarantine as soon as possible so that you can get recovery documentation that allows you to travel. According to the CDC, you can continue to test positive for up to three months from your first positive test. So, you wouldn’t want to wait and retest yourself with another at-home test. 

The way it works is the Costa Rica lab or clinic that administers your test will send a report to the Ministry of Health about your positive result. The Ministry of Health will then issue you a sanitary/quarantine order by email (typically for seven days). The start date is usually the date of your positive test at the lab. That’s why it’s so important to get to a lab for an official test if you test positive on an at-home test and think you have Covid.

Covid Testing Center Jaco
A private clinic in Jaco that does Covid testing

We have been hearing from people who have waited to go to a lab after testing positive on a self-test. They are often frustrated because the Ministry of Health will not base the start of their quarantine period on the date of their at-home positive result. So they end up spending much more time quarantining in Costa Rica than was necessary. You can avoid this frustration by getting to a lab or clinic for an official test ASAP if you test positive on a self-test.

If you need an official test on your visit, here is a link to our post, Where to Get a Covid Test in Costa Rica. It gives testing options by town all around the country.


At-home tests are an inexpensive and convenient way to meet testing requirements. As long as you know what test you’ll need, you can bring it with you and get it done quickly the day before your flight. Hopefully yours won’t come back positive, but if it does, now you’ll know what to do to get that quarantine period started.

Have a question about at-home testing? Leave us a comment below.

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