Where is the most moderate place to live in Costa Rica?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Moving to Costa RicaWhere is the most moderate place to live in Costa Rica?
carlybaker917 asked 9 years ago

Hey! My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Costa Rica in August but we are bringing our 2 dogs as well…I was wondering what your thought was on an area that’s not crazy hot or humid but still coastal? We love the mountains too but would rather be by the beach. 
I’ve been to Nosara and the surrounding beaches but I was thinking Uvita and Domincal might not be so dry with blazing heat? Do you think those would be good places to live with dogs? We’ll obviously have to get a place with AC so they don’t overheat in there but just for walking around town and the beaches I don’t want them to be crazy uncomfortable. 
I loved Nosara but I also think it would be awesome to live where the beach meets the jungle, just not sure if it’s too intense for the dogs. Any and all information is appreciated! Love your page! Thanks for your help 🙂