What’s the best seaside location for a relaxing holiday?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: General Travel QuestionsWhat’s the best seaside location for a relaxing holiday?
Mr. Conway asked 9 years ago

What’s the best seaside location for a relaxing holiday? Next summer I’ll spend three weeks in Costa Rica: fourteen days on the road and the last week relaxing and lazing about.
In particular I would like to know what are the locations in Costa Rica with “paradisiacal” sea, beautiful beaches, in a context of good restaurants, nighlife.
Thank you.

Mr. Conway replied 9 years ago

Thank you very much for your answer. This morning Amazon delivered to my home your book “Two Weeks in Costa Rica” bought on Tuesday and I hope to find in it further information in order to spend my honeymoon in Costa Rica without wasting my time in useless stopoveror long transfer.Since that in this post you didn’t mention Puerto Viejo area, don’t you think it’s a good place to spend a relaxing week as good as Tamarindo and Flamingo? What’s the weather in Puerto Viejo in July or August?Thank you in advance for your precious help.

Jenn and Matt Staff replied 9 years ago

Puerto Viejo has a completely different feel from the areas in Guanacaste we mentioned. It's very laid back–think lots of surfers, backpackers, rastafarians–but is definitely another good spot for a relaxing beach week. Here is a post we wrote with more info about what it's like there: https://www.twoweeksincostarica.com/puerto-viejo-caribbean-cool-in-costa-rica/. The weather on the Caribbean side is very unpredictable. It can rain at any time really and can be quite rainy in July/August. <br><br>Our first book, Two Weeks in Costa Rica, is more of a travelogue/story about one of our vacations. It's our new book, Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries (http://amzn.to/1uv0Ctp), that is more of the travel planning book that would help with putting together destinations to avoid unnecessary travel. So if you don't get what you need out of the first one, you could always check that out.