Visiting CR to volunteer for first time

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alridkh asked 7 years ago

Hi Matt and Jenn,
I’m from Richmond, VA and I’m planning to volunteer at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for 2 weeks.  The sanctuary is located in Dominical.  I have a few questions….

  • Has anyone done volunteer work or visited this sanctuary?  How was it?
  • I’m thinking to go sometime between May and August.  How much rain does the area around Dominical usually get?
  • How do I get to Dominical from Virginia?  I’m having a hard time finding flight info.

This is a great site for information and I’m looking forward to my first trip to Costa Rica.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Kerry, 
We have actually dropped off an injured bird at the Alturas Sanctuary and the people there are very nice and very dedicated. The facility is nice too. While it does rain between May and August, it really isn’t too bad and rarely rains all day long. More likely you will have beautiful mornings with some rain in the afternoon and/or night. September and October are usually the rainiest. As for flights, we don’t know much about the schedules from Virginia but we have had good luck with Southwest Airlines and JetBlue. 
Great that you are volunteering by the way, have fun!