Van Camping

momeli asked 8 years ago

There are many mixed reviews about van camping in Costa Rica. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica this May, and he is dead set on van camping through Costa Rider (Airbnb). I am a little concerned with safety, and the rules of parking and camping around Costa Rica. He does not speak any spanish, and mine is okay (at best). It is both our first time there. I was leaning more towards renting a car and traveling around and staying in a few different homes via Airbnb… I am curious on your thoughts since you live there.

1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi momeli, You can camp on the beach in Costa Rica, people do it. We’ve never done it ourselves and probably wouldn’t feel comfortable from a safety perspective outside of a designated campground, which are few and far between. And if you don’t speak any Spanish, we’d say that’s another reason not to do it. So I guess, while it’s possible, we would recommend renting a car and staying in Airbnbs instead.

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