Vacation with young kids during the rainy season

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yosi.kal asked 8 years ago

Hello Folks,
I just found your website – I love the itineraries and how the info is organized – well done. I read the article about traveling during the rainy season and I still have some doubts since I’m planning to travel with my kids which are 12 and 8 years old and our only option is to come during August. Do you think it can be challenging for family with kids to travel during the rainy season? Will there be some attractions we will not be able to visit?
Thank You So Much!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi yosi.kal, 
August can actually be a really pleasant time to visit. Typically it doesn’t rain all day by any means and usually it is just in the afternoon or evening. Everything is also lush and green and it isn’t too hot. This depends on the exact location of course but you can get an idea of the amounts and frequency of rain by reading our Weather in Costa Rica post. If it does rain there are usually activities that can be fun in the rain anyway. Some examples are rafting and visiting/swimming in waterfalls, or doing indoor activities like visiting a museum, exhibit, or wildlife sanctuary (some, not all are indoors of course). Hope this gives you some ideas, have a nice time!