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Kristy asked 9 years ago

My family, including 4 kids, 10, 8, 6, & 6, will be moving down to Costa Rica at the beginning of the year after visiting several times.  I would really LOVE to be in the Southern zone because of the terrain, weather, and affordability.  The farthest  south we have actual been is Manuel Antonio, but my research is pulling me toward Uvita. I see that you live near Dominical, and was hopeful that you could answer a few questions about the Dominical/Uvita area. 

You said that you originally planned to live in Uvita but it was too hot. Was this your sole reason, or did you find your current location more family friendly for other reasons?

You said in another answer that Uvita is more spread out than other towns. We were REALLY hoping to wait a while before deciding on purchasing or shipping a car. Are you aware of “neighborhoods” within walking distance to town and/or the beach? (We will be renting with a decent budget)

I am also becoming more aware of the fact that Marina Ballena National park encompasses all of the beaches in Uvita. Does this mean we would have to go north to Hermosa beach to not pay a fee?

I currently homeschool my kids, but think they would adjust better if we put them in school. I am happy with both Escuela Verda and Uvita Christian Academy. Am I missing any others in the surrounding areas that you know of?

Thank you so much for providing this avenue to have questions answered for those of us that can not make a quick trip down every time we have a question.