Unusually heavy rains for June and July 2018

DWQA QuestionsUnusually heavy rains for June and July 2018
Long asked 6 years ago

We’re reading that there are unusually heavy rains for June and July that are leading to road closures for longer than expected (i.e. from San Jose to Punta Uva). We’re going in August. Should this be of concern? I know these acts of nature are bound to occur, but was wondering what your take is on effects that it’s having on roads, transportation, day-to-day things. Thank you.

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Long,
Yes, there have been a series of heavy rain events that have closed Route 32 (from San Jose to the Caribbean Coast). That route has experienced some landslides. It is currently back open but they have been closing it at night as a precaution. The best thing to do would be to keep an eye on the closures by looking at the Traffic Police (Transito) website:  https://www.transito.go.cr/CenCom-General/Paginas/Cierres-Rutas.aspx The site is in Spanish but you can easily use Google Translate to read about the current closures. If Route 32 is closed, the alternative way to get to Punta Uva would be to go on Route 126 (near Poas Volcano) and over to Route 4 towards Guapiles. You can then get back on Route 32 in the area where it usually isn’t closed (is not mountainous). This would take a couple of hour extra but would still get you there. Hope this helps and it isn’t an issue for you.