Unusual return opportunity in March- Need suggestions!

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Trek_Doctor asked 7 years ago

Dear Jenn and Matt-

My wife and I will be hosting a renowned photographer and his small entourage (3-4 people total in his group) in early March (approx dates 2-14) on an exploratory expedition in CR. We last visited in the early 90’s (when the railroad still made 52 stops between SJ and Limon!). We know of the main tourist spots (Arenal, Tortuguerra, West coast Hotel district). What we’d really like are suggestions ideal for scenics as well as truly unique ecology and off-the-beaten-track destinations that should be accessible at that time of year.

To give you an idea of what we look to do, we last hosted this group in July of this year in Honduras for 11 days, where we have close friends in the travel business.

We both fell in love with CR on our previous journey, and want to bring this sense of magic to life for the photog and capture some shots to promote and protect the ecosystem he’ll see.

Sorry for the length of this post & looking forward to working with you to make a trip of a lifetime-


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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Trek_Doctor, 
It sounds like this will be an amazing trip. Costa Rica has changed a lot since the 90’s but the beauty that you remember is still here. We already have some ideas on where you should consider visiting and would love to help work out the details. We’ll send an email to you shortly (via your username) and talk about our services. Thanks for contacting us! 

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