Unrest in Nicaragua

William asked 6 years ago

Is the unrest in Nicaragua affecting any tourist activities in the north of Costa Rica? We are thinking of Can~o Negro as a possible place to visit, but it’s right on the Nicaraguan border.


1 Answers
Jenn and Matt Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi William,
We have not heard of any problems from the Nicaragua conflict spreading over into Costa Rica. We’ve only heard a warning to avoid actually crossing the border into Nicaragua for the near future. If you are planning to visit that area for a tour, the part of the Cano Negro wildlife refuge that boat tours typically visit are a little south of the border anyway (on the Rio Frio). If you want to stay in that area, you could look a little south, towards the town of Cano Negro and a little bit away from Los Chiles border, just to be cautious.