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dfrey16 asked 7 years ago

Hi there! First of all–LOVE this site…lots of great information, thank you! I have a question regarding itinerary and feasibility.. I am a 26 year old female planning on travelling solo and have an idea on where I want to go but am wondering on how much time I should allow myself each place. I am thinking of renting a car due to the distance of the places–is this a better idea than a bus/shuttle? My idea would be to fly into San Jose (depending on my arrival time I may spend one night there, or nearby) and go to Manuel Antonio area for about 4 days followed by La Fortuna/Arenal for about 4 days (giving myself time for a safari float, small hikes, waterfall and hot spring visits and ziplines). My last destination would be Cahuita/Puerto Viejo to spend my last 4 or 5 days there…is this too much to fit in would you recommend less time anywhere? I am having a hard time choosing as I want to fit in a lot but also allow myself some relaxation time on the beautiful beaches! Thank you!!

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Jenn and Matt Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi dfrey16,  That looks like a nice amount of time in each place and will allow you to do a lot and still relax. Renting a car for all or part of the time will work but shuttles or the bus can work too (though the buses are slower). One idea to help give you some extra time is to do a rafting trip en route between La Fortuna and Puerto Viejo or Puerto Viejo and San Jose. Several shuttle/adventure tour companies do this and it is a nice way to break up the drive. If you need a recommendation for that let us know.

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